15 Celebs Who Wore Terrible Xmas Sweaters & Still Looked Good

Celebs December 7, 2017 By Vincent

Christmas jumpers have thrown themselves back into vogue the last few years despite being items of clothing that wouldn't look out of place in a 5th-grade textiles class.  But fashion trepidations needn't be an issue at Christmas.


Instead, OMG Lane recommends you buy one and to help you with your choice, we've compiled a gallery of celebrities sporting hideously awesome Christmas jumpers.

1. Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande will have every reason to look back on 2016 with glee following the monstrous success of her third album, Dangerous Woman, and at only 23-years-old, Grande looks to have cemented herself as one of Hollywood's most popular performers. It's probably for these reasons then, along with always looking good, that she did away with being fashion conscious and rocked this fluffy white and red Christmas jumper.


Complementing her flawless skin, Grande looks beautiful, which makes us only want to snuggle up with her on a cold winter's evening even more than we already do.

2. Harry Styles

The One Director heartthrob could wear a mustard yellow onesie and still look good, yet we prefer Hazza rocking his inner elf and Rudolph. 

Harry Styles/Instagram

Posting the photos to his Instagram account, the 23-year-old may not wear them to the various fashion events he attends, but we can't help but love them! After all, what's to hate about Rudolph, elves and Harry Styles?

3. Ellie Goulding and Ed Sheeran

These ex-lovers may not be spending Christmas together, but looking at this photo of the pair clad in Christmas gear, we can't help but wish they were. Just look at them! 

Ed Sheeran/Instagram

There's also a bit of grunge going on which you don't often see in Christmas outfits. You have Ed's skull and crossbones jumper, Ellie's black fingernails, and beanie hat. A Solid effort! 

4. Nial Horan, Olly Murs, Demi Lovato and Sam Smith

This talented foursome rocked a jumper that made us realize even more than we already did that they are winning at life. Not only are they wildly successful artists, but whenever they feel like it, they can phone their showbiz pals up and arrange to snuggle in one large Christmas jumper.


And yes, the jumper is almost as awful as Justin Bieber's fashion choices circa-2012, but do they care? We doubt it very much.

5. Taylor Swift

Tay-tay may not have had it easy this year, and after rounding off the last stage of her grueling 1989 world tour, the singer called time on her whirlwind romance with Tom Hiddleston, a guy she had left ex-beau and superstar DJ Calvin Harris for. But what better way to end the year than by being all wrapped up in a snuggly Xmas jumper?

Taylor Swift/Instagram

This jumper, which Taylor sported last year, isn't actually that bad, with the navy paying homage to the star's porcelain skin.

6. David Beckham

Former soccer player and fashion icon David Beckham shows off his Xmas spirit and love for Game of Thrones in this Jon Snow inspired piece.

David Beckham/Instagram

Somehow he still managed to look good in it, which says a lot really. 

7. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is a sharp dresser and is regularly included in magazine's best-dressed lists, although whether he'd be on the radar of GQ's fashion editor whilst wearing a jumper like that is unlikely.

Joe Jonas/Instagram

But who cares? It looks uber comfy, and with a brilliant mustache to much the hilarity of the gnome design we can't help but praise Joe's Christmas spirit.

8. Miley Cyrus

Miley's brazen approach towards fashion has been a match for anyone in recent years, and even the head-turning outfits of Lady Gaga and Niki Minaj have struggled to keep up, so it's little wonder the hitmaker makes our list. 

Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Pictured in the snuggest Xmas sweater ever, we'd happily rock an oversized Christmas jumper every day if it meant looking as good as her.

9. Ozzy Osbourne

The prince of darkness wouldn't just go for any Xmas sweater and so he's gone for a ...err... Gremlins inspired one.

Ozzy Osbourne/Twitter

That's right the classic 80s movie got a nod from Oz. Fair play.

10. 2 Chainz

You may be a gangster rapper but you can still get your Christmas knitwear on.

2 Chainz/Instagram

2 Chainz looks casual and cool in his Santa jumper here, keeping it real.

11. Kaley Cuoco

Stars of the hit comedy TV series Kaley Cuoco and Jonny Galecki certainly seem to have different approaches to Xmas as one is seen getting into the spirit, sweater and all.

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram.com

The other though seems quite glum about the whole thing.

12. DNCE

Joe Jonas' band have their own seasonal wear to wear which promotes them and wishes you a Merry Xmas.


What more could you want?

13. Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn looks stunning in anything she wears even if it is a giant snowman sumo suit.

Olivia Munn/Instagram

Rocking a matching top hat as well, she has gone the whole hog here.

14. Craig Robinson

Comedy actor and funnyman Craig Robinson goes for the funny angle with his jumper.

Craig Robinson/Twitter

Although, possibly a little crude.

15. Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

The No Doubt singer and The Voice Judge is seen with her beau, fellow judge and People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2017 in this shot.


Country singer Blake Shelton clearly has a lot to be happy about this year.

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