15 Celebrity Proposals That Got Everyone Talking!

Celebs January 4, 2018 By Hugo

Getting married to the love of your life can be one of the greatest experiences in life, and if you happen to be rich, famous, and ridiculously good-looking, you're probably going to feel even happier.

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However, even the hottest celebs are susceptible to the odd proposal mishap, and while some were sweet and well thought-out, others didn't entirely go to plan.

Here are 15 hit-and-miss celebrity proposals that got everyone talking.

1. Johnny Depp's proposal to Amber Heard

Everyone knows that this marriage was a disaster, and with the revelations that followed, we can see why Amber Heard dumped Depp's sorry ass and got a divorce, but if you're asking us, we'd have done it the moment Depp proposed!

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While Depp probably had the best of intentions, the usually smooth operator bought his then-girlfriend an engagement ring that was too big for Heard's slender fingers, so decided to sport it himself! 

2. Seal's proposal to Heidi Klum

These two hotties always seemed destined to be together, so it's a shame (like most relationships) that it came to an end, but judging by Seal's epic proposal, we're sure the love will always be there, if not romantically, then probably platonically. 

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The hitmaker, whose real name is Henry Olusegun, flew her by helicopter to an uncharted region of British Columbia, all while being 14,000 feet inside a freakin' natural ice cave!

But it get's better. It was inside this cave, atop a glacier, that Seal built an impressive igloo, complete with rose petals, candles and of course, an uber-comfy bed with silken sheets. 

3. Will Smith's proposal to Jada Pinkett Smith

When you think of celebrity marriages, the first thing that comes to mind is the lavish kind of stuff Seal adorned on his supermodel girlfriend, Heidi Klum, but even celebrities sometimes know that outlandish, extravagant proposals aren't always the best.

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Indeed, while you may disagree with us, we think Will Smith's proposal story is sweeter. Why? Because one night, he was lying awake with Jada by his side when he said, "Hey, we might be real good married. Wassup? You wanna marry me?" No ring or ornate trinkets accompanied Smith's proposal. It was just his words, and they were enough to convince his now-wife of 20 years to say yes. In Smith's very own words, "Simplicity becomes the jewel."

4. Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian

Before you moan at us for not including more awkward proposals, hold your horses, more are to come. For now, though, let your heart be taken to the heavens as we reveal how Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian. 

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Hiring out the entire AT&T Park in San Fransisco, West arranged for a full orchestra to play in the stands. As he guided Kim into the middle of the court, he got to his knees and popped the question as a "Please Marry Me!" sign lit up on the jumbotron. Of course, she said yes, though West knows that hip hop's number one power couple will always be Jay-Z and Beyonce, despite having a hard time accepting it...

5.  Matthew McConaughey's proposal to Camila Alves

Matthew McConaughey's love story with Camila Alves is just the best, and if you haven't read up on it, we recommend you do because it's certainly more romantic than the Texan actor's proposal. 

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Putting an immense amount of pressure on her, the Oscar winner popped the question in front of family members at Christmas time when they were opening presents. Inside one of Alves's gifts was a ring, and though she was hesitant to say "Yes", McConaughey refused to get off his knees until she agreed!

6. Russell Brand's proposal to Katy Perry

Much like Johnny Depp's marriage to Amber Heard, Brand's marriage to Perry was a disaster, and it lasted just over 14 months before the then-lothario ran a million miles and filed for divorce.

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Though when Brand first fell in love with Perry, he was smitten, and eventually proposed to Perry on New Year's Eve in Jaipur, India. Going all out, Brand made sure they enjoyed a candlelit dinner in an exotic garden before they were then ushered on an elephant by staff to enjoy the fireworks once midnight struck. Shortly after, Brand asked Perry to be his wife.

7. George Clooney's proposal to Amal Alamuddin

George Clooney is the smoothest man on the planet, with the Hollywood actor, and tequila billionaire now happily married to the human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, whom he shares two children with. 

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It was a fairytale ending for a guy who appeared content on continuing his playboy ways, but as the saying goes, there's someone out there for everyone, and, realizing how lucky he was, Clooney decided to give Amal a proposal she wouldn't forget. But it didn't go as planned. 

Dumbfounded, Amal just didn't understand what the Oscar winner meant when he asked her to get a lighter from the box after hiding the ring in it. Eventually, he succumbed to his knees and said, "Look, I hope the answer is yes, but I need an answer because I'm 52 and I could throw out my hip pretty soon if I don't get an answer."

8. Tom Cruise's proposal to Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise is one of those men that goes the full hog in every aspect of life, so it's little wonder the gregarious thespian presented Holmes with a diamond engagement ring atop Paris' iconic Effiel Tower. 

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Despite the sweet proposal, the couple divorced in 2012, and Holmes is now dating Cruise's Collateral co-star, Jamie Foxx. 

9. Seth Rogen's proposal to Lauren Miller

One of Hollywood's funniest actors was so nervous about popping the question to his then-girlfriend Lauren Miller that he ditched his initial plans because he felt the weight of pressure was akin to possessing "a truckload of heroin." 

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So rather than feel like a drug dealer, the comic genius ran into their bedroom and proposed. But in typical Rogen-fashion, Miller was getting changed, and her breasts were even hanging out when he got down on one knee and asked. Luckily, she said, yes, even after Rogen decided to put the ring on one of her nipples! 

10. Joe Manganiello's proposal to Sofia Vergara

These two lovebirds may just be the sweetest (and hottest!) couple in Hollywood, and it appears Vergara needed little in the way of persuading when it came to marrying the True Blood hunk.

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Yes, just like the couple's looks, Joe's proposal was out of this world because he took the time and effort to learn the Columbian's mother language, Spanish and in time, managed to propose to her in Spanish.

11. Ben Stiller's proposal to Christine Taylor

If there's one thing you should always remember when proposing to your loved one, it's the ring, something Stiller forget to bring with him when he got down on one knee! 

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The poor guy had flown all the way from New York to Los Angeles to surprise her, and had even littered the bedroom with the customary scented candles and rose petals, before realizing that he had left the ring in the luggage! Luckily, the actor composed himself and collected it from the other room before putting it on Taylor's finger.

12. José Antonio Bastón's proposal to Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria was every teenage boy's dream when she played the Latino fashion model Gabby Solis in the steamy ABC drama, Desperate Housewives, but after her failed marriage to the NBA player Tony Parker, Longoria moved on and broke fans' hearts again when she wed Jose Antonio Baston.

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In fairness, Baston's proposal was incredible. Flying Longoria out to the middle of the Dubai desert, he took her to a secluded area where there was nothing but a set of pillows, blankets, Persian rugs and couches amidst the sprawling, tawny dunes. From there, the businessman asked the all-important question, and Longoria was quick to say, "Yes!".

13. Peter Facinelli's proposal to Jaimie Alexander

This proposal is a lesson on why you should never hire a plane with the words "Will You Marry Me?" emblazoned on a flimsy banner! Facinelli, who most recently found fame in the Twilight series, hired a plane to fly over their location. But Alexander got cold and decided to go inside, causing her to miss the plane!

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Luckily, Facinelli gave Alexander a pair of binoculars, and it was just close enough to make out the banner's words.

But just like the engagement, the marriage didn't go as planned, and the couple ended the engagement in March 2016. 

14. Howard Stern's proposal to Beth Ostrosky

The much-maligned radio DJ has a reputation for being somewhat of a misogynist, but even by his standards, his proposal to his wife Beth Ostrosky is plain weird!

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Just when you thought Stern couldn't get any grosser, he demanded Beth strip naked in front of him before he gave her the ring. If you're asking us, we'd happily take a cheesy, melodramatic proposal any day of the week over Stern's! 

15. Pink's proposal to Carey Hart

Pink is the ultimate trendsetter in contemporary music and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks, so it's only fitting she subverted against the age-old, patriarchal conventions of marriage and popped the question to her then-boyfriend Carey Hart, herself.

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Still married despite a lengthy break from the relationship, Hart and Pink's marriage has lasted over 10 years.

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