10 Celebrities With Surprising College Degrees

FUN FACTS September 12, 2017 By Hugo

With the greatest respect to those in show business, their intelligence probably isn't the first thing that comes to our minds when seeing them grace our screens. In fact, we're probably guilty of presuming they aren't the brightest of sparks considering many of them forgo college to pursue Hollywood stardom. 

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But that isn't always the case. Quite a few celebrities completed their degrees or at least gained places at prestigious colleges before dropping out.

Here are 10 surprising examples.

1. Mr. T- Maths

Everyone's favorite character from the 1980's hit show, The A-Team, Mr. T studied a subject most people hated at school. Yes, you guessed it: Maths! 

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Despite growing up in a rough housing project in inner-city Chicago, Mr.T excelled academically, and thanks to his natural football talents, was offered a football scholarship at  Prairie View A&M University to study maths. However, he was expelled in his first year and joined the U.S. military before embarking on a fruitful career as a bodyguard, which in time led Sylvester Stallone to notice his talents on the NBC show, 'America's Toughest Bouncer.'

2. Will Ferrell- Sports Information

Only Will Ferrell could study a subject as random as sports information! Yes, believe or not, Buddy the Elf studied the subject at the University of South Carolina after toying with the idea of going into sports broadcasting.

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Before graduating, Ferrell even undertook an internship in the sports department at a local television station but quickly realized that it wasn't for him and decided to follow his comedic dreams and move to Los Angeles instead.

3. Matthew McConaughey – Radio, Television, and Film

The smooth-talking Texan seems like one of those dudes that could get away with doing just about anything, so it's not surprising he studied something as multifaceted as radio, television, and film at the University of Texas at Austin. 

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After all, having that Texan twang and dreamy set of eyes means Matthew would be alright, alright, alright in all three disciplines but it turns out he was most suited for film.

4. Ashton Kutcher - Biochemical Engineering

He may be known more for his chiseled jawline, poor acting abilities, and marriage to Mila Kunis, but before the actor made it big in Hollywood, he was studying biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa and the reason why is extraordinary. 

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Wanting to find a cure for his twin brother's life-threatening heart condition, Kutcher devoted his spare time to studying possible cures and made the commendable choice to study biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa in the hope he'd one day figure one out. 

However, TV's highest paid star dropped out after being scouted by a model agent in his first year, but the good intentions paint this guy in a different light to the one we're used to.

5. Cindy Crawford- Chemical Engineering

Proving there's more to supermodels than chiseled cheekbones and flawless skin complexions, Cindy Crawford isn't your stereotypical supermodel. Graduating as her high school's valedictorian in 1984, Crawford would go on to study at Northwestern University, and once more defy stereotypes by majoring in chemical engineering.

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However, her academic career was short-lived, with Crawford dropping out after only one term following the success of her modeling career.

6. Lisa Kudrow- Psychobiology

She may have attained worldwide fame for her portrayal of the ditzy blonde Pheobe on NBC's hit series Friends, but Kudrow's actual intelligence bears little resemblance to her most beloved character.

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In fact, Ms. Kudrow holds an undergraduate degree in psychobiology after studying at the ultra-competitive Vassar College in New York. If that wasn't impressive (and surprising) enough, the actress worked with her father as a medical researcher and even gained a research credit for one his papers exploring the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches before her acting career took off.

7. Ricky Gervais- Philosophy 

The British funnyman doesn't seem to take anything too seriously- least of all himself- so it's hard to imagine Ricky Gervais getting caught up in the day-to-day academic realities of group presentations and last-minute essay writing. 

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That said, Gervais is an intelligent man, and that's reflected in his oeuvre, which often includes attacking the shallow pointlessness of show business in general. Thus, it makes sense that Ricky's degree was in philosophy. More impressive was that he studied at University College London, one of Britain's leading universities.

8. Eva Longoria- Kinesiology

As well as being known as the feisty, uber-sexy Latino housewife Gabby Solis from Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria is also one intelligent woman, as her two degrees in kinesiology prove!

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But what is kinesiology we hear you say? Well, after looking it up ourselves, (or getting an intern to do it for us) it turns out it's the study of human movement. Fascinating stuff.

9. Sir Mick Jagger- Accounting and Finance

It seems odd that one of rock n roll's most famous frontmen studied accounting and finance. I mean, no offense to accountants, we're sure they're lovely people, but in most cases, they aren't exactly the coolest. Then again, Keith Richards always had an effortless swagger Jagger could never match.

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Anyway, without starting a Keith Vs. Mick debate, the legendary performer studied accounting and finance at the prestigious London School of Economics before dropping out in 1963 to pursue his musical career with the Stones. 

10. Kourtney Kardashian- Theatre Arts

Can you believe it? A Kardashian has a degree in theatre arts no less! Perfect then for being a diva and theatrically complaining about her millionaire lifestyle she hasn't worked a day in her life for.

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In all seriousness, we're sure she's a talented performer, but it begs the question: If she studied theatre, why is she wasting her talents on a reality show? Oh, money. That's why. 

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