15 Celebrities Who Will Always Be Cool

Celebs September 4, 2017 By Hugo

Being both likable and other-worldly are traits synonymous with A-list artists who have stood the test of time in an industry which rarely allows an artist to preserve their career, but like everything in life, there are exceptions to the norm.

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Here are 15 talented stars who people will like for many years to come.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Is there anyone out there who doesn't like Jennifer Lawrence? She's an incredibly talented actress who, at the tender age of 21, won an Academy Award for Best Actress though not before tripping up on her way to collect it. After all, beneath the alluring Hollywood exterior lies a goofy woman from Kentucky whose immense fame and wealth haven't blinded her to reality.

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J-Law is simply the bee's knees and coupled with her portrayal of strong female characters in films like Joy and the Hunger Games series and her welcome views on the female pay gap in Hollywood; it's safe to assume that J-Law will be a mainstay personality in Hollywood for many years to come.

2. Chris Pratt 

Before Chris Pratt became a bonafide chiseled movie star, he was best known for playing a slightly overweight office worker in the hit TV series Parks and Recreation. But things have changed quickly for this lovable stud who is now one of Hollywood's biggest box office draws.

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Better still, Pratt seems grateful for all he has in his life despite only being in the infancy of an A-list career few saw coming following strong roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, 

3. Ed Sheeran

With bright red hair, porcelain skin and a pudgy body, record executives were always going to have trouble accepting Sheeran's appearance, despite his credentials as an artist never being in doubt. Requesting he dye his hair blonde, Sheeran refused and has since achieved the kind of commercial success 99.9999% of artists can only dream of not to mention being the friend everyone wished they could have.


And that's just where a significant portion of Sheeran's fame lies. He's comfortable in his own skin and doesn't make people around him feel inferior despite being a world class musician with millions in the bank. He's merely a lad from the British countryside who likes perform for his fans and continually make good music. 

4. Beyonce

Many have long compared Beyonce's enduring appeal and phenomenal commercial success to the likes of other great African-American artists like Tina Turner and Whitney Houston though, in all truth it's likely Beyonce has surpassed them when it comes to her fan base.


Married to rapper Jay-z, Bey is a global icon, and arguably America's most influential black woman, with Grammy Awards and front cover spreads for Vogue synonymous with a performer who can pretty much get away with anything, even if that means donning Black Panther-inspired outfits when performing at the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

5. Sofia Vergara 

It was unheard of for a woman with a gnomic South American accent to land a lead role on a US TV series and then become the highest paid TV actress in Hollywood, but Sofia Vergara somehow managed to achieve that after being cast In ABC's mockumentary drama Modern Family. 

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Wildly popular, Vergara is loved by everyone for her effervescent interviews and brazen personality though her fame in her homeland of Colombia is at its most palpable.

6. Geroge Clooney

George Clooney isn't just an actor with a handsome face. He's also a humanitarian, a political activist (he even got arrested for protesting) a firm believer in quality filmmaking, and an A-list actor whose performances are rarely bad. 


Admittedly, Clooney's allure is as much to do with his charm and looks as it is for his acting, but for someone who regularly prides himself on good art, it's hard to see how a man who ticks every box will ever lose his star power.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leonardo DiCaprio was the only actor featured in the top 10 of the Hollywood Reporter's first ever power list, an incredible feat for an industry usually controlled by studio executives. But then again Leo is no ordinary movie star, and as well as being one the best-paid actors in Hollywood, Leo is an iconic artist who has used his celebrity to promote and influence an array of causes which only endears us to him more.

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In fact, when he isn't hanging out with Victoria's Secret models or chilling out with Toby Maguire on his yacht, he's wooing the Pope for his documentary on climate change and carrying non-franchise movies and turning them into box office gold. In The Revenant, for instance, his most recent starring role, the film, barring a supporting role from Tom Hardy and a bear, was pretty much all him, and one of the main reasons the film grossed a spectacular $532m worldwide.

8. Adele

Adele became an enigma following the monstrous success of her second album, 21, and after following it up a year later with the Academy Award-winning title track for the James Bond movie, Skyfall, the loveable British singer retreated with her boyfriend and newborn, swapping the Hollywood Hills for time out in the bucolic and sequestered British countryside.

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But four years later, Adele burst back onto the scene with the record breaking album 25 and nobody could fault the British singer's success. She's relatable and down to earth, and while she may not possess the catwalk beauty of a Rihanna or Taylor Swift, she possesses an authenticity and unassuming personality that is almost impossible to find in show business. 

Better yet for Adele, her songs reach a broad demographic as opposed to her contemporaries (she's one of the few singers whose earnings account more for physical copies than streaming royalties), seemingly assuring this superstar a lifetime's fame. 

9. The Weeknd

Despite recently attaining superstar status with his latest record, Starboy, The Weeknd is very much a unique individual in a town dominated by quirky personalities. Not that he needs to be bold and braggadocious to sell records. It was the Weeknd's underground following and desire to remain mysterious, after all, that propelled him to a record deal only a year after the release of his first three mixtapes. 

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Now the most streamed artists on Spotify,  this A-list star has even been mooted as a potential successor to the late and legendary pop star Michael Jackson.

10. Seth Rogen

As well as being a comic actor, Seth Rogen is a pot-loving Jew who knows who he is and isn't afraid to embrace his preconceived image by turning it into millions by starring, writing and producing an array of coming-of-age films about hedonism supposedly ubiquitous in the lives of young adults.

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Very much a product of Judd Apatow's genius, it seems Rogen's partnership with the great producer will only continue in the coming years, meaning Rogen's latest offerings, such as the likes of the R-rated animation Sausage Party, will likely be one of many.

11. Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari isn't only a sharp dresser and someone who dated Jennifer Lawrence. He recently made waves of a more commendable kind after becoming the first actor of Indian descent to host Saturday Night Live and dedicated his opening monologue deriding the proposed immigration policies of the Republican President, Donald Trump.

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Not that the former star of Parks and Recreation hasn't explored diversity before. In his critically acclaimed Netflix show Master of None, Ansari's show chronicles the life of a young millennial Indian actor and the problems he faces because of his color in an industry dominated by white people.

12. Daniel Craig

How could we not include 007 himself? He's portrayed Ian Fleming's fictional Britsih spy with such grace and effortless gusto over the years, leading many to compare Craig's performances to the iconic Sean Connery, an actor most consider the greatest Bond of all time.

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Regardless of whether you agree with that comparison, Craig is arguably Britain's answer to George Clooney, with his signature good looks and irresistible charm a winning formula that, as Clooney has proved, makes for a timeless career.

13. Will Smith

Prominent black actors have often struggled to attain the A-list status of their white contemporaries, a grievance that ran deep through the veins of supporters of the #Oscarssowhite controversy. But Will Smith along with fellow A-list African American actors Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy have achieved global fame, with Smith's career being spawned from his starring role on the much-loved TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

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Interestingly, Smith never intended to get into acting and only did the TV show to pay off the debts accumulated during his rap career, which Smith admitted gave him the incentive to perform to the best of his ability and become a master craftsman in the field. Couple that with his fun-loving personality and insatiable fondness for all things fun, and you begin to get an idea of why Smith's appeal, which crosses over to all audience demographics, has been so successful.

14. Bradley Cooper

Ever since bursting onto the scene in the Todd Philips comedy, The Hangover, Bradley Cooper has been dazzling eyes with a plethora of performances, ranging from a bipolar sufferer in Silver Lining's Playbook to a demented warlord in War Dogs. 

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But the best part of all? He speaks French. Some people just have it all. 

15. Clint Eastwood

While he may be approaching the end of his illustrious life, everybody's favourite on-screen cowboy won't be letting old age stop him from doing what he loves most. In the last six years alone, despite his on-screen presence seemingly at its end, Eastwood has directed Bradley Cooper in American Sniper, Tom Hanks in Sully and Leonardo DiCaprio in J.Edgar.

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However, with such accolades to his name (including being named GQ'S Badass of the Year) Eastwood has divided opinion in some quarters because of his political views, with the Academy Award-winning director openly endorsing Donald Trump for President last year. Regardless, Clint is one cool chap who will remain a Hollywood icon for as long as the entertainment industry exists. 

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