10 Celebrities Who Were Addicted To Crack

OMG November 28, 2017 By Hugo

You probably don't need to be told that crack cocaine is worth staying away from because in most cases its damage leaves a lasting impact on the user.

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Of course, people still get hooked on the class-A drug and celebrities are no exception, because while it may be a drug synonymous with poorer users, star names have also been riddled with crack addiction due to the extreme highs crack offers.

Here are 10 examples that may surprise you.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has built up a reputation as one of the industry's modern-day icons, but his road to the top hasn't been plain sailing. 

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Unlike most A-list names, Jackson didn't find mainstream success until his 40s, and before riding on the highs of fame and fortune, Jackson was regularly high from the pipe before his family intervened.

2.  Aaron Sorkin

One of Hollywood's most prominent screenwriters has been candid with his past struggles with crack and admitted that his addiction was at its worse when writing episodes for the hit show The West Wing in the 1990s.

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Years on and Sorkin is thankfully in much better health having sought help, and a decade later he scooped best original screenplay for the 2010 movie, The Social Network.  

3. DMX

One of rap's biggest names has been fighting his addiction for years and is thought to have spent a large chunk of his earnings on crack ever since he hit the big time with his multi-million selling debut album, Unleashed & Released.


Just last year, news outlets reported that the rapper almost died from an overdose, while there is a video online of the artist appearing to be high from the drug when being interviewed about an upcoming album. 

4. Oprah Winfrey

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey didn't have it easy growing up, and after being molested by her single mother's boyfriend and having an abortion in her teens, she was introduced to crack by a boyfriend in her 20s, despite already making waves as a young journalist. 

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Nobody knows how strong her addiction was, but she has admitted in the past that she weaned herself off it after breaking up with her boyfriend which goes to show how robust and awe-inspiring Oprah's character is.

5. Lawrence Taylor 

One of the NFL's best linebackers was a force to be reckoned with in his prime after he established himself as one of the New York Giants best players, and this was despite Taylor taking crack for much of his professional football career.


Revealing his addiction in his 2004 autobiography, Taylor wrote in one chapter, “I had gotten really bad. I mean my place was almost like a crack house,” said Taylor. “I’d go through an ounce a day. And at times I’d be standing in the huddle. And instead of thinking what defense we were playing I’d be thinking about smoking crack after the game.” 

Despite this, the ex-pro would go on to win two SuperBowls, and be included in ten Pro Bowls.

6. Robert Downey Jr

While the actor may now be one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, things weren't always easy for the beloved actor. In the year 2000, Robert was charged with cocaine and methamphetamines possession while being stopped in Palm Springs, California leading the 35-year-year old to serve a one-year custodial sentence.

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Coming from a broken home which saw his father introduce him to drugs at a young age, the actor would also find himself addicted to crack, and admitted this in a brilliant interview with Rolling Stone magazine. “All those years of snorting coke, and then I accidentally get involved in heroin after smoking crack for the first time. It finally tied my shoelaces together." 

7. Amy Winehouse

One of the more obvious ones on this list, poor old Amy got herself in quite the pickle the moment fame and fortune came her way, and she never appeared to be comfortable with the intense scrutiny that followed her every move.

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Dying from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27, Winehouse was also addicted to smoking the pipe, an addiction which is thought to have been influenced from her unruly, low-life boyfriend Blake, who served as the muse to many of her brilliant songs.

8. Ozzy Osbourne

Another star that probably won't surprise you all that much is the idiosyncratic rocker, Ozzy Osbourne who often looks like he's perpetually on some sought of high when in reality his slurred speech is likely the result of living life to the full during his touring days.

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Now a famous family man after years of hedonistic revelry with his Black Sabbath bandmates, Osbourne's bandmate Rob Zombie admitted in an interview with Fuse magazine that himself, Ozzy and Rick James used to smoke crack after performances. 

9. Flava Flav

If you're known for wearing a giant clock chain around your neck, then you're probably going to be accused of being a crackhead even if you aren't, but Public Enemy's Flava Flav most definitely was!

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In 1993, Flav was sentenced to 90 days in jail after shooting a neighbor shortly after taking the dangerous substance, forcing him to part ways with not only his freedom but also that ridiculous clock! Fortunately, the colorful character has since found redemption as the host of a dating show on VHI called 'Flavor of Love.' 

10. Witney Houston

With a voice as brilliant as Witney Houston's most would have reigned supreme on the charts for decades, though sadly for the singer, her career was cut horribly short in 2012 after fatally drowning in the bath after overdosing on crack.

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Her young death came just nine years after signing a mammoth $100m record deal, but even with all the money in the world, Houston lived out her remaining days in what the tabloids described as her very own "drug den", equipped with a range of drug paraphernalia that included pipes used for crack cocaine. 

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