10 Celebrities Who Shouldn't Be Famous!

Celebs January 8, 2018 By Hugo

There was a time when the word 'celebrity' was synonymous with 'talent.' We celebrated them for their achievements and not for what they donned on a red carpet. They could sing, act, dance, showcase magic tricks. Most of all, they were role models and gave hope to millions that the best talents would one day be recognised.

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Fast forward a few decades however and you'll find a Hollywood that no longer sparkles. It still shines bright, but the colour is one of shoddy neon as opposed to the glimmering lights that once lit up names as illustrious as Sinatra and as iconic as Monroe. In short, people are making millions from doing nothing in a town that once prided itself on talent!

Here are 10 sorry examples.

1. Snooki

Snooki, a foul-mouthed New Jersey native with a penchant for looking orange hit the big time when MTV decided to air a reality TV show around her and her New Jersey friend's hedonistic social life. 

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But what did Snooki, or for that matter, any of them do that warranted them to be known as 'stars?' NOTHING. 

2. Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton's wildly successful blog showed that anyone with a keyboard and decent grasp of Photoshop could become a household Hollywood celebrity.

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Hilton is undoubtedly a successful entrepreneur. But a celebrity? Certainly not.

3. Kim Kardashian (and the others)

Kim Kardashian and her cohort of sisters are widely considered to be amongst the most powerful families in Hollywood, but quite what they do other than bemoan the plight of their own decadent existence is still unknown.

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In fairness, if rumours are to be believed, Kim's actually worth more money than her hubby Kanye, who is actually quite talented, which goes to show what the world of entertainment is coming to.

4. Farah Abraham 

While there is nothing wrong with being a teen mom, Farah's incessant attempts at staying relevant (she recently promoted a show about her botched lip job) showcased the lengths the Teen Mom star will go to remain relevant in a town built on publicity.

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Hollywood, you've lost the plot!

5. Tila Tequila

The reality TV star isn't in the limelight as much as she'd like which was probably why she uploaded a video to YouTube expressing her support for the then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a time when few people thought he'd actually win.

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Other than displaying bouts of blind idiocy, Tequila has been doing the rounds on the reality TV circuit, which included a stint in the British Big Brother house. 

6. Kevin Federline

Known most for his famous courtship to pop superstar Britney Spears, Federline now appears on shows like Australia's Excess Baggage.

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And that really is it.

7. Lauren Conrad 

Lauren Conrad was one of the first 'stars' to come out of reality television following the hit success of 'Laguna Beach.'

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Described as the "Real O.C.", Conrad made a lot of money, and now makes a tonne more 'writing' best-selling books with the aid of a ghostwriter.

8. Paris Hilton

Before Kim came along, Pris Hilton was unquestionably the number one reality star and arguably the first of her kind. Rising to fame alongside BFF Nicole Ritchie in MTV's 'The Simple Life', Hilton- who also starred in a sex tape- has somehow stayed in the limelight.

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In doing so, the Hilton Hotel heiress has earned some serious dough, so much, in fact, that she no longer needs to call her daddy for yet another 'loan.' After all, when you can build a mansion exclusively for your dogs, you know you've made it.

9. Vanilla Ice

The "Ice, Ice, Baby" singer failed to build on the success of his one hit song, so instead branched out with a string of ill-fated reality shows, including the disastrous The Vanilla Ice Project on DIY.

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But things would get worse for the rapper. In February 2015, Ice was caught red-handed carrying stolen items from a Florida home he thought was vacant. It turns out it wasn't, and the American was charged with burglary and grand theft auto before being found guilty in a court of law. He was sentenced to 100-hours of community service.

10. Amber Rose 

While possessing a booty that is unrivalled in its brilliance, Amber Rose isn't famous for much else other than her relationships with the rappers Kanye West and Wiz Kahlefia.

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Sound familiar, Kim? 

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