15 Celebrities Who Have Tons Of Kids!

Celebs December 15, 2017 By Hugo

Celebrities know from the get-go that getting married and raising a family won't be easy, not only because raising a family in itself is a day-to-day struggle but also because their personal lives will be documented for years to come.

That said, you can't let your celebrity constrict your everyday life, and for these stars, being in the spotlight didn't deter them from having plenty of children.

Here are some notable examples. 

1. David and Victoria Beckham

One of the world's most glamorous couples have remained together for three decades and appear to be still going strong, a rarity nowadays in the world of showbusiness. 

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As well as a long-last marriage, the beautiful couple has four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, all of whom will no doubt be blessed with the good genes of their parents.

2. Keith Richards

Keith Richards's hedonistic, sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle spawned not only many wild nights but also five children with a host of beautiful women.

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Three of those come from Anita Pallenberg, and two he shares with the former model and current wife, Patti Hansen. His children are 17 years apart in age.

3. Diana Ross

Diana Ross is a musical legend who has sold millions of records since she first came to prominence as a recording artist in Michigan, Detroit. Now 73, Ross has achieved everything in show business, but her personal life appears to have been equally rewarding.

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Married twice, Ross has five children from those marriages, with daughter Tracee acting in the TV show "Black-ish."

4. Paul McCartney

The legendary musician and Beatle has five children from two different marriages. With his late wife Linda: he had Mary, Stella, and James, while he also adopted one of Linda's daughters from a previous marriage.

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His marriage with Heather Mills also yielded another child when she gave birth to their daughter, Beatrice, in 2003. 

5. Dog the Bounty Hunter

Everyone's favorite television vigilante, Dog the Bounty Hunter, real name Duane Chapman, has been just as busy in the sheets as he has on the harsh roads where he fights justices.

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Indeed, Chapman has a remarkable 12 children from 5 different marriages. 

6. Clint Eastwood

They don't make em like Clint Eastwood anymore, and most would agree that they don't make fathers like him either, with the Dirty Harry star fathering a remarkable 7 children!

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The timeless stud's 7 children come from 4 women, with his youngest, Morgan, born in 1996, when Eastwood was 66!

7. Muhammad Ali

The late boxer was a family man through and through, and took just as much pride in his children as he did his sporting achievements, though quite how he managed to show as much attention and love to 9 children is anybody's guess!

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But hey, if there was anyone who could multitask parenthood it's the icon, Muhammad Ali. His first 4 children came from his first wife while he had 2 with his second and 1 with his third. 

8. Mia Farrow

The actress, who appeared in the spine-chilling Rosemary's Baby, has A LOT of children - 14 to be precise.

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However, three of Farrow's children sadly passed away, and of the 11 living children, 7 were taken in from other families. Farrow also has 4 biological children, 3 from her marriage with the German-American pianist Andre Previn and 1 with Woody Allen. Her first marriage with Frank Sinatra yielded no children.

9. Stellan Skarsgard

The seasoned Swedish thespian has been working in Hollywood for years, and he's now paved the way for some of his 8 sons to have a career in Hollywood, too.

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Stellan's most notable child is perhaps the True Blood and Tarzan actor Alexander Skarsgard. Another son of his, Bill, played the terrifying clown in the Stephen King movie adaptation, "IT." 

10. Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson

The actress and director tend to go under the radar in the gossip magazines, and that's probably because they're too busy raising their 4 children.

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The Bridesmaids actress and There Will Be Blood director are parents to 3 daughters, Pearl, Lucille, and Minnie, and one son, Jack. 

11. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner recently masterminded a 5-season, $150m deal with E! for yet more episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but hey, if you're going to have 6 children, why not make loads of money in the process?

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Motherhood isn't easy, so you can only admire Kris for milking them for all their worth and making them famous for doing absolutely nothing.

12. Taylor Hanson

The pretty blonde rocker, who found fame in the early 00s with his band Hanson, comes from a family of five siblings, and it appears he wanted to replicate that himself.

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Yep, Taylor Hanson has 5 children with his long-term wife, Natalie Anne Bryant.

13. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner was once one of Hollywood's most bankable lead actors, and it appears he used his time at an A-list celeb to get busy under the sheets as well.

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Fathering an impressive 7 children- Grace, Lily, Joe, Annie, Hayes, Cayden and Liam from two marriages, Costner, it would appear, is now the definition of a family man.

14. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy has many things in life; fame, fortune, talent, but something he has even more of is baby mamas! 

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Beleive it or not, everyone's favorite funnyman has 9 children, 5 of whom he shares with his ex-wife Nicole.

15. Steven Spielberg

The world's most famous impresario has 5 children, which kind of makes sense when you consider the sheer level of multitasking that goes into making a feature film! 

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Married to Kate Capshaw, Spielberg already had a child when he met her, and he then had 3 more children after they met. The couple also adopted another child, making Spielberg a father to 5 children, or 7 if you count the biological children Chapsaw had from a previous relationship. 

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