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15 Celebrities Who Don't Give A Damn What You Think

Celebs December 8, 2016 By Hugo

Many people think celebrities wish to preserve a status quo where being appealing translates into looking like them. And while that may have previously been the case, the recent emergence of more brazen and transparent characters in the world of showbusiness has demonstrated that many are doing away with the squeaky clean look in favour of being truer to themselves.


To prove this, we've profiled 15 celebrities who, whether you like them or not, have demonstrated that they couldn't give a rat's ass what you think.

1. Kanye West

You can't fault the much-maligned rapper for his honesty and self-confidence, and whether he's talking to architecture students at Havard University, telling the world that Geroge Bush doesn't care about black people, or informing us of the daily injustices he faces as a black rapper, Ye's 'I Don't Give A Fu*k' attitude has never been in doubt.


As for his fashion? We love that he isn't afraid to embrace that world and dress in a more androgynous manner, even if he does have the audacity to sell a plain white T-shirt for hundreds of dollars.

2. Miley Cyrus

The transformation of Miley into a sex-loving young woman from the Disney star she once was is quite strange, and the way she goes about shoving her immodesty in our faces can be enough to get on the nerves of even the most liberally minded of people. But even after taking all this into account, she's smoking hot and has a natural swagger that can only be applauded when you consider she was once the living epitome of a media-trained puppet.


Even her music has a catchiness to it, so much so that even if we tell our friends otherwise, we just 'can't stop' liking her. 

3. Kim Kardashian

Considering that Kim Kardashian's fame spawned from a sex tape, it's little wonder she's never been afraid to push boundaries that aren't exactly in keeping with mainstream Hollywood.


In fact, Kim Kardashian's voluptuous figure and brazen display of it has arguably heralded a new kind of look in Hollywood, with the emergence of more curvy models like Kate Upton just one of many more rounded women celebrated. And if that wasn't enough, Kim also took on the music titan Taylor Swift following her long-running beef with her husband, Kanye West. 

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber doesn't care what anyone thinks and that can be seen not only in his unwavering confidence but also in his fashion choices. Yet we can't help but respect him for that. He's not afraid to mix things up or be honest with fans and tell them he doesn't want to hug them. Or sing for them. Or do anything when he doesn't feel like it, despite being an entertainer.


But hey, when you're 22 years-old and worth $200m, we're sure Justin Bieber gave up caring about the opinions of others a long time ago. 

5. Lil Wayne

Gangster rappers are some of the most influential artists in entertainment, and Lil Wayne was one the first artists following the success of the N.W.A. and Jay-Z to breakthrough and sell millions of records. But he's not your typical kind of rapper.


Much like Kanye's embrace of fashion, Lil Wayne has long embraced a side of culture many black people previously never entertained- skating. Subsequently, skateboarding has become increasingly popular among blacks, and with a dress sense that is neither here nor there, Lil Wayne's outlook on life is very much of his own making.

6. Niki Minaj

To be taken seriously in the rap game when you're a woman is no easy feat and though there are some exceptions to the norm, with notable examples including Lil Kim and Missy Elliott, Niki Minaj's ascent into the upper echelons of the genre without being someone she's not is impressive.


Fiercely independent, highly opinionated and not afraid to call out other stars clearly influenced by her (Miley *Cough* Cyrus *cough*), everyone loves a bit of Niki, even if she does happen to drive a pink Lamborgini Aventador. 

7. The Weeknd

The success of The Weeknd's three mixtapes was nothing short of extraordinary, and even when he signed with UniversalRepublic and released a more mainstream sound, it didn't stop him growing out his hair and looking nothing like your average hip-hop artist.


In fact, one could argue that The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, was RNB's first hipster, with the performer preferring a more rugged and baggy look to the bling and clean-cut image donned by the likes of Usher and Drake. Having said that, he recently cut the legendary bird's nest, which he described as  the "greatest feeling of all time." 

8. Ricky Gervais

Everyone's favourite funnyman recently admitted that he'd given up on looking good by the age of 28, but when you have the gift of making the world laugh, Ricky's appearance isn't something people pay attention to.


There's also a lot more Ricky Gervais doesn't care about.  You only have to watch his hilarious hosting of the Golden Globe Awards as he dismantled the egos' of every major star in the room to see that being a sycophant isn't something Gervais could ever be accused of in a town full of Yes Men.

9. Lady Gaga

Modern-day pop stars used to be pinups and nothing else. At best they possessed charisma to add to their beauty and talents, but all in all, most didn't have much success relating to the everyday fan but that's changed in recent years, with stars like Lady Gaga a prime example. 


Sure, it's not every day you meet someone willing to attend an award's function dressed in nothing but underwear, or wear a dress made entirely from meat, but it's because she cares so much about female liberation and being able to be yourself that many, particularly women and those from minority communities, feel they can relate to Gaga. 

10. Madonna

Lady Gaga has no doubt been influenced by this unashamed pop star, who still has little qualms shaking her booty and bearing it all like there's no tomorrow. Even though she's 58. Yes. 58.


But age is just a number, and in an industry which tells everyone that youth is everything, Madonna proves that you shouldn't let your seasoned years be defined by social attitudes.

11. Rihanna

Rih Rih prides herself on her confident West Indian personality, and if you go to one of her concerts you can bet your savings you'll see a fair amount of flesh. Not that we're complaining.... 


In actual fact, having a pop star who isn't afraid to incorporate sex into her lyrics and outfit choices makes a refreshing change from past stars who claim to be the living embodiment of goodness and perfection.

12. Eminem

For someone who struck gold in a genre of music where white people were initially the preserve of record label executives and fans, Eminem was never going to be someone who cared about what other people thought.


Signed by Dr Dre, the rapper's first album would propel him to superstardom, despite being branded a 'wigger' and offending nearly everyone in his music videos and lyrics.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is more than just an actor: he's an icon, a feat recognised by The Hollywood Reporter, who placed him at number 10 in their first ever Power 100 List. Not that Leo cares about lists. He's too busy partying with models aboard yachts, despite turning 41 and wearing clothes that wouldn't look out of place on a 14-year-old High School kid.


But Leo doesn't need to wear nice clothes or sport a nice hairstyle to look hot. After all, he's one of the few contemporary actors who can carry a non-franchise movie, and that alone is enough to make him hotter than us plebs. Leo, we salute you.

14. Ed Sheeran

With bright red hair, porcelain skin and a pudgy body, record executives were always going to have trouble accepting Sheeran's appearance, despite his credentials as an artist never being in doubt. Requesting he dye his hair blonde, Sheeran refused and has since achieved the kind of commercial success 99.9999% of artists can only dream of.


What's more, he's a pale redhead from the British countryside who isn't afraid to rap. He's comfortable in his own skin and doesn't care that GQ voted him Worst Dressed of 2012. Better still, he probably doesn't give a damn if you don't like his music. After all, everyone else does.

15. Adele

She burps on stage, talks about the troubles that come from taking a number two at a festival, swears like a trooper and has a laugh that sounds more like a pesky teenage girl's than a superstar's, but Adele Atkins of London, England is no ordinary superstar.


Famed for her powerful ballads and weepy falsettos, the 26-year-old is unique, and while she may not possess the catwalk beauty of a Rihanna or Taylor Swift, she possesses an authenticity and unassuming personality that is almost impossible to find in showbusiness.

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