10 Celebrities Who Could Pass For Victoria's Secret Models

Celebs November 30, 2017 By Hugo

Their talents are other-worldly, and if things couldn't get any better, they also happen to look like Victoria's Secret models. Yes, we're talking about celebrities blessed with everything; talents, good looks, charisma, confidence.

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You name it, and they probably possess it, so with 2017's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show close to airing on our screens, we've come up with 10 smoking hot female celebrities who we think could easily have got a casting with the lingerie giants had their respective careers not worked out.

1. Rihanna

With unwavering self-confidence, Amazonian legs, awe-inspiring sassiness and flawless, radiant skin, Rih Rih has it all in the looks department and typifies what sex appeal is all about.

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She's also ridiculously talented and she's proven this by singing her way to the top of the charts, while her appearance on the runway at the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show proved that if she never made it as a singer, she would have definitely had a lucrative career in fashion modelling. 

2. Taylor Swift

Another obvious inclusion on our list is Taylor Swift. Sure, she may not be everybody's cup of tea, but she's got looks to die for, and killer legs and that could make even the shyest of dudes turn their heads and tell her how beautiful she is.

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She's got the height, the easy-to-look-at Aryan face, and her pale skin complexion is as smooth as sandstone. Taylor also happens to be the biggest entertainer in the world which is probably why she can convince anyone to come on stage with her at her concerts, many of whom happen to be Victoria's Secret models. 

3. Jennifer Lawrence 

Who doesn't like J-Law? She's funny, down-to-earth, kind, humble, and these are all positive but rare attributes to have when you attain the level of fame she has in recent years, so you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't like this amazing person

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Of course, having signature Hollywood looks also helps with Lawrence's popularity, and the leggy blonde was unsurprisingly a model herself before Hollywood came calling, with esteemed cover shoots with the likes of Abercrombie and Fitch just one of many brands J-Law modelled for.

4. Cameron Diaz

Like Charlize Theon, Cameron Diaz broke into Hollywood thanks to a successful career as a fashion model which saw her work with likes of Calvin Klein and Levi's.

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Diaz's transition into acting came at 21 when cast alongside Jim Carey in The Mask, though we're sure Diaz, who bears a striking resemblance to Candice Swanepoel, would have gone on to become a VS Angel if her acting career hadn't taken off.

5. Charlize Theron

Growing up in rural South Africa, Charlize Theron could never have imagined that her journey would one day take her to the bright lights of Hollywood. But stranger things have happened, and a determined Theron made the brave decision to leave the family farm and move to Milan to pursue a modelling career.

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Yes, Theron is a natural inclusion on our list because she started her career in showbusiness as a fashion model thanks to her height and chiselled features, and she still does editorial modelling on the side thanks to lucrative endorsements with the likes of Dior. Quite whether she could out-perform her fellow South African and VS supermodel Candice Swanepoel, however, is another matter altogether.

6. Sophia Vergara 

This Columbian bombshell is the highest paid TV actress in Hollywood thanks to her work on the hit show Modern Family and the 44-year-old (not that she looks it) is married to the Magic Mike and True Blood actor Joe Manganiello, undoubtedly making them one of Hollywood's hottest couples.


Sassy, fiery and gregarious in almost every interview she appears in, Sofia Vergara is an absolute delight and could easily strut her stuff alongside fellow South American Adriana Lima down the famed Victoria's Secret runway, even if she is on the shorter side.

7. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has a rather apt name because she sends admirers into wild states of emotions whenever she crosses their path, such is her ethereal beauty and effortless charm. Another on this list who has modelled, Wilde was another Abercrombie and Fitch darling, and there are some beautiful polaroids and close-ups of Wilde that we seriously suggest you check out. 

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Now a seasoned movie actress after the success of the long-running TV series House, we're more than certain that Wilde would have kicked ass as VS Angel.

8. Margot Robbie 

Margot Robbie is arguably the hottest, most in-demand actress in Hollywood ever since she bared it all in Martin Scorsese's hedonistic romp, The Wall of Wall Street and she now commands top dollar for starring roles in the biggest films going. 

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But let's be honest, most of us who saw The Wolf of Wall Street weren't exactly bowled over by her talents. No, we were obsessed with her looks, looks so perfect that we at The Celebrity Lane unequivocally believe could outshine even the creme de la creme of models.

9. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's image is a throwback and homage to the iconic stars of yesteryear, and she's dazzled millions because of that without necessarily having the best voice. That said, the lyrics are haunting and beautiful in equal measure, and when you look as fantastic as Lana, having a voice like Adele's isn't always a prerequisite for success. 

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And that's what we love about Lana. She's different from the current trend of pop stars, and her melancholic and louche sound only makes us find the model-like features of Lana even more alluring. 

10. Gwyneth Paltrow

Yeah yeah yeah, we know what you're thinking: She's so annoying and pretentious. And you're right: She is. But, and this a big BUT, she's highly attractive, and at the ripe old age of 44, still possesses a golden, glowing complexion and a pair of cheekbones that could cut through just about anything.

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She's also very tall quite similar looking to Taylor Swift, which would have been an amazing spectacle to see if they became models and walked down the VS runway together.

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