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15 Photos That Brutally Sum Up What Defeat Looks Like

OMG January 11, 2017 By Hugo

Life isn't easy, and when it all gets too much, we can sometimes feel compelled to tell everyone we are moving to an isolated shack in the plains of Iowa until we wither away.

But taking such umbrage to life's tribulations can often come across as whiney and self-indulgent when you consider there are millions of people worse off than you. Just take these 15 examples that brutally sum up what defeat truly looks like.

1. The Dinner That Never Was

When a Reddit user uploaded a photo of a meal gone horribly wrong, it quickly went viral and led to many other users chiming in on their culinary disasters.


Reduced to the floor, the arbiter of the mess can only sink her head into her hand while her cat, blissfully unaware of the problems us humans go through, licks the tomato pure from the floor. Oh to be a cat!

2. The Burrito

Eating a delicious burrito after a heavy night out is a great feeling, so you can only spare a thought for this man as he realised his burrito had fallen to the ground.


He looks inconsolate and probably feels how players of the Chicago Cubs felt before they finally won that all-too-elusive World Series.

3. The Women Who Got Her Head Stuck While Exercising In The Gym

Going to the gym is arduous enough. Everyone smells and the men make loud grunting noises like they've just come out of a Marvel movie.


With that said, spare a thought for this poor woman. Not only did she have to contend with the everyday realities of a shared gym, but she also had to wait for a team of fireman to come in and remove her neck, with her misfortune inevitably captured on a smartphone.

4. The Driver Who Forgot To Tighten The Lids

Cars are expensive to run, and along with regular trips to the gas station, there's the road tax, parking permits, insurance and garage check-ups that make its maintenance annoyingly costly.


But sometimes, costs are self-inflicted, especially when you pack the boot of your car with buckets of paint and unscrewed lids.

5. The Person Who Wrote A Project on 'Youth In Asia' Instead of the Assigned Topic Of Euthanasia

At first glance, there seems little wrong with the title of this project, but once you read the accompanying Snapchat, you soon realise what a monumental mistake the author made. 


Understanding the project was supposed to be on euthanasia instead, he/she oddly used Snapchat to broadcast their embarrassing mistake.

6. The McDonald's Customer Who Only Got Ketchup In Their Burger

A miscommunication between a McDonald's customer and a member of staff resulted in a burger that didn't have anything in it... aside from ketchup, that is. 


Asking for just ketchup, the person serving them mistook his/her order and only added ketchup to the bun.

7. The Person Whose Ladder Fell Over 

If you're going to take a ladder out from the garage and climb onto your roof, we're guessing it's because you're clearing leafs or unclogging your chimney. Mundane tasks, no doubt.


But what could be worse? Well, if your ladder falls over as it did in this photo, you're kind of screwed. At least they had their phone...

8. When The World Works Against You 

Waiting for your fast food should pose little in the way of time, yet owing to a technical fault, it didn't work out that way for this poor customer.


Of course, every order before and after theirs was ready which may explain why the caption on their Snapchat reads, It ain't easy being me..'

9. The Guy Who Leant On Wet Paint

We can sympathise with this guy. After all, who has the energy to stand anymore when you can lean on a pillar instead?


But in the future, maybe check for poorly-posted signs with the words 'WET Paint' written on them.

10. The Man Who Couldn't Reach His Food

Living in the western world is easy enough, and the biggest problems we face usually involve waiting longer than 10 minutes for someone to reply to one of our texts, or, if you're this man, not being able to reach for your food.


Was he asking for his epic defeat by not taking two seconds out of his day to stand instead? Definitely. Are we glad he didn't, and instead fell off his chair? You bet. 

11. The Boy Who Misjudged His Jump

While spilling your food on the floor or leaning on wet paint are more than annoying, what hurts more is mistiming your jump on a day out to the pool and landing flat on the concrete. 


We're sure he's okay, but on the off-chance, he isn't, you should remind yourself that no matter how awful your day is, it probably won't ever be as bad as this poor boy's was.

12. The Vending Machine That Ruined Countless Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks can be rushed affairs, and in the modern-day world of 24-hour emails and instant communication, vending machines are vital time savers, even if the food primarily consists of junk. 


But even junk food, at least when using this device, is sometimes out of reach, an annoyance which no doubt ruined the days of many a starved worker.

13. The Person Whose Meal Was Ruined Right In Front Of Their Eyes

Cooking fails are a daily occurrence, but when you know you've made a tasty meal for the family, it can feel like a dagger in the heart if your equipment ruins it.


The moral of this photo is clear: invest in top-of-the-range kitchen appliances. You'll have to splash the cash, but at least you won't go hungry and end up on the internet.

14. The Woman Who Had Beer Spilt On Her When On The Kiss Cam

Kiss cams are cringeworthy, and unless you happen to be with your partner, the possibility of the camera mistaking your sibling or even parent as your partner is enough to make you sick. In this case, the operators didn't make said mistake, and the couple seemed more than happy to oblige in a good old smooch.

nba beer washington wizards atlanta hawks spill

Only, the women on the receiving end of her overzealous partner's kiss saw her beer spill onto the women sitting one row down. Awkward....

15. The Naked Man Who Locked Himself Out Of His Hotel Room

Saving the biggest defeat till last, this male hotel guest probably forgot that many hotel doors automatically lock on the outside. 



Why he even risked going into the hallway is anyone's guess, but we can safely assume he purchased a dressing gown soon after his nightmare ended.

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