15 Celebrities Who Have Kept Their Unusual Body Parts Hidden

OMG June 15, 2018 By Hugo

Just like the rest of us, celebrities have imperfections, but instead of embracing them to the world and celebrating their shortcomings, they keep them hidden to maintain a particular image. Of course, anyone with any sense will know that perfection is illusionary, but it doesn't help matters when celebrities refuse to embrace body parts that aren't always going to look good in a magazine.


So scroll through our gallery, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how normal these beautiful people actually are!

1. Megan Fox

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While her photogenic features are a mainstay fixture in magazines around the world, few know that Fox suffers from a condition known as brachydactyly. This means that her thumbs are short and wide, though they still function just fine.

In the words of Fox herself, "They're weird and they're very fat."

2. Harry Styles

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The British crooner and heartthrob may have undergone a rapid transformation since his days in the chart-topping boy band One Direction, but one part of Styles you probably won't see anytime soon is his thrid nipple!

Being the confident, charmer that he is, Styles hasn't been one to shy away from talking about it, however, and joked in a past interview, " "I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left its nipples behind."

3. Kate Hudson 


Going on rumors now, Kate Hudson may (or may not) have an 11th toe. However, as she's never confirmed this rumor, we can't exactly say any more on this other than that it would be one beautiful imperfection! 

4.  Gerard Butler

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

Despite often being called "the most handsome man alive," Gerard Butler has imperfections just like many other men. 

While you may not notice it, his right ear sticks out more than his left ear, but you'll never notice in the movies as make-up artists "literally.... glue it down."

5. Ashton Kutcher

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection

Ashton Kutcher recently revealed to Conan O'Brien that he was going bald, but something that's probably more embarrassing for the star to admit is his webbed, left foot.

6. Matthew Perry

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

The Friends star who's now famous for doing pretty much nothing is actually missing the tip of his right hand's middle finger.

7. Shawn Marion


The NBA star may use his hands for a living, which makes the basketball player's deformed pinky even more remarkable, despite it being a result of numerous fractures in his sporting career.

8. Kate Bosworth

Shutterstock/ Kathy Hutchins

The blonde starlet has different-colored eyes because of a condition called heterochromia. While you may not have noticed, Bosworth wears a contact lens to make them the same color. Out of all the conditions covered thus far, this is certainly one of the most interesting.

9.  Forest Whitaker 

Shutterstock/ Andrea Raffin

Forest Whitaker's eye condition, while you may not have noticed, prevents him from having full muscle control over his left eyeball and eyelid. The condition is commonly known as lazy eye. 

10. Zac Efron

Shutterstock/ Tinseltown

The High School Musical star, just like Harry Styles, also has a vestigial - the medical term for a third nipple. However, seeing as Efron likes to whip his shirt off at any given moment, it's hard to find evidence of this third nipple, so we're presuming he's had it removed.

11. Tina Fey

Shutterstock/ lev radin

If you look closely, you might notice Tin Fey's scar on her cheek. She got it after someone slashed it in kindergarten but she never talks about it publicly other than a brief mention of it in her autobiography. 

12. Vince Vaughn

Shutterstock/ BAKOUNINE

One of Hollywood's most beloved actors was lucky to walk away with just the tip of his right thumb missing after a near-deadly car accident.

13. Taye Diggs 

Shutterstock/ Everett Collection

What is it with extra fingers and toes in Hollywood? Another one with this deformity is Taye Diggs, who was born with extra fingers. However, Diggs was luckily enough to have them surgically removed as a baby, so most are none the wiser.

14. Padma Lakshmi

Shutterstock/ lev radin

Actress and former host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi has been everywhere in recent years, with her dazzling beauty seemingly decorating every tv screen across America. However, even women as breathtaking as Lakshmi have imperfections, with hers coming in the form of a large scar on her right arm.

Spawned from an accident when she was fourteen years old, her arm was left shattered, and it was only after surgery that she regained use of both of them.

15. Karolina Kurkova

Shutterstock/ lev radin

Models are paid to look perfect and present a lithe, other-worldly image of what it means to be beautiful, but for Karolina Kurkova, she would be the first to tell you that she isn't as perfect as her campaigns would have you believe. 

In fact, the stunning Czech supermodel and actress has no belly button. Having had an operation as a child to correct an umbilical hernia, the surgery left her without one.

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