Cat Meets Puppy For The First Time And Flips!

LOL August 15, 2017 By Hugo

Cats divide opinion. To some, they are cute fluff balls that radiate cuteness even when they're old and haggard and leave trails of fur on your clothes, while to others they are a significant downgrade on dogs, as let's be honest: They don't show nearly the same level of affection as man's best friend. 


Still, whatever your opinion is, you have to feel a bit sorry for these pups in this hilarious video that features the popular household pets encountering each other for the very first time! 

Naturally curious as to what it is a cat actually does (we still don't know either), the doggies endeavor to get to know the cats only for the grumpy felines to ward them off in a variety of ways! 

In one instance, a black moggie brings its paw to the head of a curious pup until is a good half meter away as if to say: "This is my turf, sister!" 

Watch the brilliant compilation video below and let us know if you live with both and have seen anything similar!

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Rumble/ sarica

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