What This Cat Did To This Intrusive Dog Proves Cats Rule!

LOL July 18, 2018 By Hugo

Meet Oakley, a fierce feline who doesn't take sh*t from anybody, least of all intrusive dogs! 

Rumble/ Jmarine

Now meet Oakley's housemate Tucker, an inquisitive doggo who only wanted to see how his friend was doing, but everyone needs their privacy, and after a long day of eating, sleeping, and playing with string, Oakley wanted nothing more than to be left alone. But Tucker wasn't having any of it!

Like a pesky little sibling, Tucker couldn't help but follow Oakley into another room, and it got so irritating for the poor cat that she ended up being a total badass!

In a video that will be sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear, Oakley shut the door with its paw before striking Tucker's face to finish him off in a move that will no doubt gain Oakley much respect in the cat-hating community.

Watch the hilarious clip in its entirety below and be sure to leave your comments below!

Who said cats suck?!!




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