Calf In Texas Looks Exactly Like Gene Simmons And The Internet Is Freaking Out!

LOL August 2, 2017 By Hugo

A calf born in Texas is going viral after a photo of it showed a striking resemblance to the legendary Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons. 

The photo shows the calf's facial markings to be of a similar appearance to Simmons's iconic black and white face paint he famously sported when performing, though it's the elongated tongue that steals the show.

Facebook/ Hill Country Tourism

The doppelganger was discovered by ranch owner Heather Leonard Taccetta when surveying her livestock. Taccetta then showed the photo to the local tourism board- Hill Country Tourism- and they were quick to upload it to their official Facebook page and post a lengthy caption, part of which read "Gene Simmons, where were you on our about November 25,2016?"

The cheeky dig was no doubt inspired by Gene's way with the ladies, with the rock star admitting to sleeping with over 5,000 women during his incredible career and social media was quick to remind him that one of those women may just have been a cow!

On the band's official Facebook page, one user even wrote, " Dammit, gene, I know you slept with, like a thousand women, but c’mon man!!!!’


On a more serious note, the calf's facial marking has saved it from the slaughter thanks to the local steakhouse's intention to use the calf as their mascot, all but ensuring it a life of privilege unafforded to most calves.

Of course, since the story has blown up, the man himself soon commented on the photo and he seemed to be loving it, tweeting. " This is real, folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons."

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