Bruno Mars Reveals Why He Was Kicked Out Of High School Band

OMG September 7, 2017 By Hugo

Bruno Mars revealed that he was kicked out of his high school band.


The news came about after Mars tweeted about a college marching band performing his songs, leading him to tweet, "So dope. They really killed this! The ironic part is I got kicked out of band in high school."

Naturally, users were quick to ask why, so Mars added that it was his insistence on having the band leader listen to an original version of Uptown Funk that caused the entire group to lose their patience with a young Mars and show him the door. 

"The band leader didn't wanna hear my original song entitled Uptown Funk. So I told him I'll show you!! I'll show the world! YOU'LL ALL SEE," he explained in a follow-up tweet.

Being the good man he is, Mars was quick to play down that version of events and insisted that it wasn't actually like that. "It didn't really go down like that. But you can bet your ass when they make a lifetime movie about it that's how it's gonna play out."

Well, we're sure those band members will be watching on in envy as Mars continues to dominate the charts, with the singer enjoying the worldwide success of his recently-released third album, 24K Magic. 

Were you kicked out of any groups in high school? If you were, share your story in the comment section below!


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