Borat Creator Sacha Baron Cohen Could Be Making A Film About Trump

Celebs July 6, 2018 By Hugo

Sacha Baron Cohen, the creator of famous comic characters such as Borat and Ali G, has dropped a teaser trailer which appears to suggest his next project will be based on the US President Donald Trump.

On his official Twitter account, Cohen uploaded a video with the American flag in the background as Donald Trump criticises his comedic credentials in a video from 2012. The post was captioned: 'A message from your President @realDonaldTrump on Independence Day'.

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In the video, Trump says, "I only wish he had been punched in the face so many times right now he would be in the hospital."

"It was disgraceful. He oughta be fired immediately."

The comedian then cuts to a clip of Mr. Trump slamming his skills as an entertainer. "Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school, learn about being funny," which prompts a logo that reads 'Sacha Graduates Soon' and then a subsequent logo of Trump University, the President's much-maligned for-profit educational institution.

Oddly enough, the tweet is Cohen's first since he joined Twitter in November 2015. 

As you may have gathered from Trump's remarks, Cohen and Trump's beef goes back a while. They first met in 2003 when Cohen was interviewing him in character as Ali G, a parody of young, working-class Londoners thinking they are black.

In the interview, Cohen attempts to influence Trump into investing in a pair of 'ice cream gloves', leading the former television mogul to cut the interview short.

Since Cohen tweeted the video, many believe the movie might be based on the failed Trump University rather than the POTUS himself.

Whatever project he has up his sleeve, he will certainly have plenty of material if it is anything Trump-related. After all, whether you're a fan of Trump or not, there's no denying that he's given entertainers ample material, such has been his erratic, unorthodox approach to politics.

What are your thoughts on a potential movie mocking the POTUS? Is it appropriate considering it will most likely be backed by a pro-Democratic Hollywood studio? Or will it be a barrel of laughs, regardless of people's political affiliations?

Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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