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10 Bizarre World Records You Won't Believe Exist

FUN FACTS October 14, 2016 By Hugo

World records have long been a constant source of fascination to the public, but some world records are truly bizarre. Just take these 10 examples. Not only are many of them gross, but some are also life-threatening and have a uniqueness to them which will be hard to replicate by someone else.

Here are 10 unusual world records that are so strange you'll have a hard time believing they are real.

10. The Most Toilet Seats Broken By A Head In 1 Minute

Starting things off on this wacky countdown is the fearless American Kevin Shelly who set a new world record in 2007 when The Guinness Book of World Records recorded him breaking 46 toilet seats with his head in a minute. 


Now the record holder, Shelly's record-breaking exploits have been registered on live television in Germany although quite whether his family trusts him whenever he goes to the bathroom isn't known. 

9. The World's Largest Bubblegum Bubble 

School seems to be a time in one's life when chewing gum every waking second is cool, so it's hardly surprising that Double Springs High School witnessed Ched Fell's bubble exploits. Measured at 50.8 centimeters, the 2004 record, which is yet to be bettered, comes down, according to Fell, to blowing with at least 3 pieces od Double Bubble Gum.


As for the form? Fell believes short breaths are essential to expanding the bubble's base.

8. The Chainsaw Juggler

While juggling renditions never get old, they can sometimes fail to captivate audiences due to most routines being the same, so maybe that's what the Slovakian daredevil Milan Roskopf thought when he decided to juggle three chainsaws 62 times in a row! 

The impressive record overtook his previous best world record of 35 successful juggles. If that isn't an example of taking risks, we don't know what is! 

7. The World's Longest Hiccup Fit

Drinking a glass of water backward must have proved futile for Charles Osborn of the United States, who began his hiccup nightmare after a 350-pound hog collapsed on him before he could shoot it.


But no matter how hard he tried, poor Charles couldn't seem to find a remedy, and would go onto hiccup for an incredible 68 years, with each one lasting upwards of 10 seconds! I suppose you could say every hog has its day.

6. The World's Largest Biceps

Moustafa Ismail claims his massive biceps, which measure 31 inches in diameter, are merely the result of 'hard training' and 'protein' and not steroids.


Regardless of whether he's telling the truth or not, the Egyptian's biceps are also the biggest in the world, and he holds the Guinness World Record for the world's largest upper arm circumference. Unsurprisingly, Moustafa has admitted in the past that he finds fitting into shirts tough. 

5. The Most Feet Sniffed In A Lifetime

If you think your job stinks, then spare a thought for one woman in Ohio. At first, It may sound like someone with a foot fetish who decided to turn their strange fascination into a world record, but Madeline Albrecht achieved the unusual accolade from her years as a foot care expert.


In a career that has spanned 15-years, Madeline estimated that she had sniffed over 5,600 feet!

4The Longest Ice Bath

Ice baths aren't pleasant. They're blisteringly cold and leave your whole body stinging from the sub-zero temperatures but Wim Hof, who holds 20 other world records, managed to stay grounded in one ice bath for 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 42 seconds, breaking his own previous world record in the process.


Nicknamed The Iceman, Hof attributes his stamina and resilience to meditation techniques which keep his body stable and in doing so generate heat around his lung region. 

3. The World's Longest Kiss 

While many are firm believers in everlasting love, there are some who take that belief to the next level. Like, really really really take it to the next level! The two record holders, for instance, managed to sustain their PDA session for a back-breaking 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds!


Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand also smashed their own previous record at a festival in the tourist-laden city of Pattaya between the 12th-14th February. Finishing their embrace on Valentines Day, it probably isn't hard to guess what they did next.

2. The World's Longest Fingernails 

Shridhar Chillal, an elderly man from Prune City, Maharashtra, India has been growing his nails for over 62 years! The astonishing spectacle was captured by a film crew working for the Guinness World Records, who were at Shridhar's home to determine whether his nails were long enough to attain the record.

The nails were assessed by Nikhil Shukla, an official adjudicator for the company, who soon found the length of the elderly man's nails worthy of the unusual accolade of being the longest fingernails on a single hand. Their official range? A whopping 909.6cm in length.


But the news will come as little shock to the record holder, mainly because his nails are the result of a planned and carefully cultivated decision. "My wish," Chillal confessed, "is to preserve these nails in a museum. To date I have not been able to earn much from these nails, so my last wish is to get some compensation for it." 

1. The World's Longest Fart

When we established that there was a credible world record for the world's longest fart, we at OMG Lane didn't think twice about placing it at number one. How could we not? Farts, no matter how you view them, form an integral part of our lives, and whether we wake our partner up in the morning by letting one rip or embarrass ourselves at work after last night's curry, farts are as much celebrated as they are derided. 


But managing to sustain a fart for longer than a few seconds is mostly impossible. Sure, a fart can come in spades, but to maintain a rip-roaring fart for minutes on end is an achievement only a few can speak of, but London's Clemmens Bernard is one person who can. 

Holding the record for the world's longest fart with a registered time of 2 minutes and 42 seconds, Bernard, who hails from Germany is the king of farts. Unfortunately, there is no video of the monumental achievement, but we can only guess the spectacle caused quite a stir in the stands....

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