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Beyonce Offers Aid To Houston Flood Victims

Celebs August 29, 2017 By Vincent

As Hurricane Harvey continues to batter the Texas coast causing devastation, flood damage, death and displacement, reprieve could well come from a most unlikely source for Houston residents, an area most badly affected by the storm. The singing sensation that is Beyonce has pledged to "help as many" victims in her home city of Houston that must now brace itself for continued rainfall and high winds.

The singer herself is from Houston and has paid tribute to the city in many of her songs and videos including  Run The World (Girls), Formation and Flawless. She filmed the video for Blow in the city's Funplex roller skating rink where she had one of her first dates and has obviously kept the place close to her heart.

The star said of the hurricane, "I remain in constant prayer for those affected and for the rescuers who have been so brave and determined to do so much to help.," adding she was working with her charity and her pastor "to implement a plan to help".

Arguably the biggest star in the world right now, it is not quite sure how Beyonce will go about helping victims of this natural disaster but her combined wealth with rapper husband Jay-Z is estimated to be worth around $1 billion and if they can provide aid where possible with effective results, it could go a long way to helping those who will be left most desperately in need after the destruction wrought upon them by this awful turn of events.

Officials in Houston estimate that more than 30,000 residents in the area need shelter whilst at least nine people have died from the events. Beyonce herself is from the city's Third Ward and took to Instagram to let residents know they were in her prayers and it is thought that any action taken to help those in need will be taken through her BEYGood Foundation, which was established in 2013 and partners with global charities to provide housing, food and medical assistance to those in need.

Other stars have also stepped up to the plate including Country star Chris Young who pledged $100,000 to relief efforts, whilst comedian Kevin Hart donated $25,000 and encouraged his followers to also donate to the cause. Coldplay, who were due to play a concert in Houston last week, debuted a track on Monday night in Miami, dedicated to the victims and saying it will only be played once.

Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com

"This is because we all grew up loving country music, and of course that's kind of what we think of when we go to Texas," Martin said.

"So, if you'll bear with us, this is a new song and we'll never play this again. We're gonna sing it in Miami for everybody here, and we're gonna send it over there to everyone who missed the show."

The song, called Houston, included the lyrics: "There's a harmony that bonds down there in Houston / Oh, Houston, you got to keep on keepin' on."

It is expected that this track will most probably be released in aid of efforts to help victims and raise money for them.

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