Beyonce & Jay-Z Tickets Are Being Given Away For Free To Fill Seats

OMG June 15, 2018 By Hugo

Despite selling millions of records worldwide and becoming industry icons, Beyonce and Jay-z failed to attract a sell-out crowd in the European leg of their On The Run II tour.

YouTube/P'ortal A'doroo

While stadium tickets are harder to shift, reports have circulated online that Beyonce and Jay-z, as well as other acts such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, are experiencing similar troubles. There were even people on social media claiming that promoters were handing out free tickets outside the stadiums, with one concertgoer tweeting, "If you are near Hampden Park go to the main parking lot they are giving out free tickets for the Beyoncé & Jay Z concert because of empty seats"

Of course, this isn't very fair on those who have forked out a large chunk of their pay packet to see their favorite artists. Significant sections of the stadiums have also been covered to not draw attention to the lack of paying fans.

Beyonce and Jay-z's tour started in Cardiff and made its way to Glasgow's Hampden Park when pictures of the empty seats went viral. However, many believe the hip-hop duo simply don't appeal to large swathes of the British public.

Another said after the show: "The concert rate was empty. They knew the concert wasn't going to sell out and already had curtains set up before the show to cover the empty sections"

However, other fans in attendance claimed the stadiums were more packed than the photos suggest. But quite why fans would want to spread lies about empty seats is anybody's guess.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Are concert tickets simply too expensive nowadays? Should stadium tours be left to iconic, established acts rather than contemporary pop artists?

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