10 Beautiful Female Scientists Who Proved Intelligence Is Everything

OMG December 21, 2017 By Hugo

We live in a society that celebrates things that, in the grander schemes of things, aren't necessarily that important. We watch men throw an oval-shaped ball from one end of the field to the other and tune in to watch people's acting achievements rewarded with golden statues. But most perplexingly of all, we celebrate them as though they were the epitome of modern-day success.

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But what about the lesser-known figures of the world? Figures who are as highly regarded in their fields and are leading the way with cutting-edge research and solutions to problems only a handful of people could solve.

If interested, then you may just want to discover some of the awe-inspiring research these ten female scientists have undertaken in an industry typically dominated by men.

1. Dr Clio Creswell 

Clio Creswell announced herself to the world in comic fashion when she went on the American chat show 'Late Night with Conan' to promote her bestselling book 'Mathematics and Sex.' Exploring how maths and sex are interconnected, the effervescent academic got the red-headed host hot under the collar when she showcased her genius equations about the male sex drive.

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The book is perhaps most known for its '12 bonk' rule. After 12 sexual partners, Creswell believes people then choose the best performing one to start a future with. The Australian holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of New South Wales and manages to inspire, inform and entertain audience members all over the world in a way few others in her field could.

2 . Dr Talmesha Richards

Before being offered an all-expenses scholarship at Johns Hopkins University, Talmesha Richards was a full-time cheerleader for the NFL teams the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins.

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Holding a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Richard's research has been concentrated on the effects and biological processes of breast cancer.

3. Dr Franziska Michor

Dr Franziska Michor often tours the world talking about her research involving cancer therapies and the nature of biological diseases and is one of the leading academics in her field. Michor, who holds a PhD from Harvard University's Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology is now the director of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

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The Austrian's research has also spawned a host of prestigious accolades, including the Theodosius Dobzhansky Prize of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Alice Hamilton Award from Harvard University and the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science among other awards.

4. Dr Olivia Judson

Olivia Judson holds a PhD in biological sciences at Oxford University and primarily explores the sexual behaviour of animals.

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She even wrote a bestselling book about her field of interest entitled  'Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation'.

5. Dr Heather Knight

A PhD graduate of America's famed Carnegie Mellon University, Heather Knight, is a scientist that regularly makes her work fun and accessible to those of a less knowledgeable disposition. Throughout her academic career, Knight has studied electrical and mechanical engineering and has been observing, creating and studying robotics ever since.

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She even set up the Marilyn Monrobot organisation that creates fun and eye-catching robot displays, with her primary focus being the interaction between humans and robots.

6. Dr Tali Sharot

Tali Sharot has long made the study of the brain her number priority ever since she gained her PhD in Psychology and Neuroscience from NYU.

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Now working at Britain's famed UCL, Sharot is an Associate Professor at the Department of Experimental Psychology and regularly gives talks about her research, which explores how emotions can often influence our expectations, decisions and even memories. 

7. Dr Amy Mainzer

If you're a frequent History Channel viewer, then you may have come across the magisterial beauty of Dr Amy Mainzer. 

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When she isn't gracing TV screens, Mainzer,  who gained a PhD in Astronomy from UCLA, works as one of the Deputy Project Scientists for the Infrared Survey Explorer. If that wasn't impressive enough, she has also worked as the Principal Investigator for the NEOWISE project- a project that studies minor planets. 

8. Dr Daniela Witten

By far the youngest on our list, 31-year-old Daniela Witten has displayed intelligence beyond her years and holds many degrees, including a PhD in statistics from Standford University. 

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Currently, Witten works as assistant professor of biostatistics at the University of Washington where she analyses the data in biological processes and has even developed data models to turn the hordes of data into useful information. 

Her work has even been recognised by Forbes, and from the age of 27-29, Daniela was included in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

9. Dr Rhonda Freeman

Like with Talmesha Richards, Dr Rhonda Freeman was also an NFL cheerleader and was employed by the Miami Dolphins for some years before making the unusual transition to academia.

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Now specialising in neuropsychology having received her PhD from Drexel University, Freeman- perhaps influenced by the number of head injuries in the NFL- helps those who have suffered brain injuries as a result of a condition or accident. 

10. Dr Cheska Burleson

When Cheska Burleson isn't competing in figure skating tournaments, the marine researcher is assessing possible toxins that can be formed in water and drugs that could be spawned from algae.

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Burleson, who works at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute is only 30-years-old and received her PhD in chemical oceanography from the University of South Florida. 

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