Bear Breaks Into House And Plays The Piano!

OMG December 20, 2017 By Hugo

Homeowners in Colorado were in for a shock when their security camera captured a roaming bear hitting the keys on their living room's piano! 

Yes, you aren't mistaken. You've just been informed that a bear was caught playing the frickin' piano.

YouTube/Storyful Rights Management

Leaning on its hind legs before resting its paws on the keys, the video captures it all, but before we start sensationalising the incident (which we already have), we doubt the giant fluffball has any comprehension of what a piano's function actually serves.

Still, without turning into Buzz Killington, it's a funny sight and one which has had the Intenet laughing themselves silly for many months.

According to Fox29 who broke the story, the homeowners initially thought they were being burgled before realising that few humans walk on all fours and have black, pointy ears- a piece of information we at OMG Lane find funnier than the actual clip itself.

Watch the full video by clicking here and let us know what you think of the bear's piano skills in the comments section below.

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