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15 Horrendously Bad Parkers Who Got What They Deserved

LOL August 23, 2016 By Hugo

They say parking a car is one of the hardest things a driver will experience, but with power steering and an array of modern motion detectors telling you what to avoid, it shouldn't be hard. Then again, if you happened to be one of these 15 klutzes, then you may just disagree. 

bad parking

Here are 15 drivers who proved so bad at parking that others were well in their right to take matters into their own hands.

1. Never take a builder's spot


Builders are hard grafters and work long hours so if you have the audacity to take one of their spots there's a high chance you'll pay the price for being an insensitive douche.

2. Or a motorcyclist's...


We get it: cyclists and motorcyclists hate car drivers, and the feeling is no doubt mutual but there's having hate for someone and then there's doing that.

3. One clamp just won't do

one clamp

If ever a car warranted a double clamping it's a gas-guzzling monstrosity like this one. 

4. Greed is never a  good look

greed is never good

Greed, as we have seen over the years, usually gets the better of most, just like this the Lexus driver who got his comeuppance when a disgruntled passer-by wrote him a scathing note. Hopefully, they've learnt their lesson.

5. Who says stupidity isn't rewarded? 

an award

Okay, so it may be the wrong kind of reward, but at least they made their car look beautiful. 

6. You had all that space....

bad parking

Sometimes sarcasm seems wasted in America, but that's not always the case. Just look at this hand-drawn parking spot for an owner who holds no regard for his fellow drivers.

7. When you park that badly, public shaming is a high likelihood.....

public shaming

In other cases, sarcasim makes way for a more blunt and damning assessment. Never has such an insult rung so true.

8. If you're going to drive around a city in a gas-guzzler.....


Range Rovers are all the rage nowadays, but there seems to be a superiority complex attached to the drivers of these machines that clearly doesn't sit well with others.

9. Rules apply to everyone, even Jaguar owners...

rules apply to all

Another example that proves Americans are just as sarcastic as their British allies comes in the form of a poster. It seems that nice cars follow a different law to that of others.

10. The audacity.... 



Is this an ingenious solution when you can't find a parking spot? Or is it yet another example of a driver's flagrant disregard for the law? Probably the latter.

11. What are 4 x 4's good for? Other than taking up precious space? And polluting the environment? 

2 instead of one


It's a common theme in this article: a monster truck thinking it's one rule for them and another for everyone else. Ler's just hope their day turned into a truly terrible one.. not that we hate 4 X 4 drivers....

12. I guess some prefer parallel parking....

bad again

It's safe to presume that this driver was late home but what did he/she expect? An award? 

13. Some say they never drove again.


So maybe this one went a little too far. It's funny, though. Very funny. Extremely funny. Muhahahaha.

14. Just because you own a Corvette.....


What is it with these bold and brash cars thinking they're better than us Ford Focus drivers? 

15. Okay, maybe that's going a bit too far....


Last but by no means last, this extreme example should be a lesson to all bad and inconsiderate parkers that those who suffer from your parking ineptitude will take revenge and give you a day you'll want to forget.

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