Awkward Family Photos That Will Actually Make You Cringe!

LOL July 6, 2018 By Hugo

Some pictures make you wince. And whether it's the gruesome images on our television screens or news reports in the morning papers, our daily feed of images is often unpleasant. But on other occasions, the reason for our shock can arise from a more comedic source- just take these awkward family photos.


Every one of these photos has a 'WTF' moment that makes you question what on earth was going through their head when the camera clicked. So next time your mother begs you for another picture with your farting uncle, console yourself in the reality that it could be a whole lot worse. You could be these guys!

1. "Say cheese bite!"


Some dogs are well behaved and will do anything for you so long as you feed and walk them. Others, however, don't see to care much for rules and will do just about anything to ruin that family photo your grandma insisted you all take because she'll probably drop dead in 4 months time.

2. "Smile for Santa Clause, sweetie"


This child speaks for all of us during the festive season. It's a slog of epic proportions, and by the time we've bought presents for people we hardly ever see, we're supposed to make a meal for the whole family and pretend like we're enjoying ourselves. Oh, and pose for countless photos with that auntie you never see, or in your child's case, Santa Clause.

3. Me, my dog and a creepy bunny


This guy clearly loves his dog, so he'd thought he go and get a professional (ish) photoshoot with his lovable mutt. However, wherever he intended to have a sinister bunny lurking in the background is unknown. Hopefully, he's still alive. 

4. I love you so much it hurts!


When we love someone more than life itself, all we want to do is hug them like our lives depended on it, just like this dude! Let's just hope his family wasn't strangled to death.

5. What in God's name are they wearing?


Family photos can be funny occasions and offer light relief from the mundanity of work, but it seems these families forgot that these embarrassing snaps could easily go viral and embarrass them for years to come.

6. This photo has to be haunted


This photo of two brothers being forced to pose for the obligatory school photo could easily be the cover of a spooky Stanley Kubrick movie.

7. The Christmas haunting 


If you think that last photo was nightmarish, this one tops them all! How can you possibly think that taking a photo with that monstrosity of a Santa outfit ould make for a nice family photo?!

8. "I love you so much I'm prepared to humiliate myself forever more"


People are really annoying when they're in love, aren't they? Not only do they post cringeworthy Instagram snaps and let the world know that they're happier than you, but they can also take it one step further and get photos like these done.

9. Bad hair day?


If ever you needed to boost your self-esteem, then at least this family photo will make you feel better about your image. Unless, of course, your mother makes you sport your hair like this. If that's the case, Lord have mercy on you.

10. "Dad!"


Is there anything hotter than the dad bod? These daughters would probably say otherwise.

11. What is it with weird men and their pets?!


We often hear of crazy cat ladies taking care of their felines like little children because they have nothing better to do, but we think this photo proves that cat men are just as strange!

12. Alice Cooper's love child?


Another freaky photo for the collection, this addition has to be the perfect mixture of funny, odd, scary and awkward! Let's just hope the baby doesn't have nightmares when it's all grown up and decides to look back at some old family photos...

13. "Ouch!!!"


Kids? Don't you just love them? Er, no, not really. 

14. Super weird? Or super cute?


We're sure this photo was supposed to be really cute, because who doesn't like cute kittens poking out of family member's shirt pockets? Well, if this creepy photo is anything to go by, not many people. 

15. Replacement dad?


What is it with families trying to give us nightmares?! Unless this is some sought of twisted, evil ploy to attain viral fame, we can't imagine what would possess this beautiful family to pose with a spooky wooden toy. 

16. When you're easily distracted...


Could this boy make it any more obvious?! At least try and make out you're a good little Catholic boy who has no interest in anything that isn't the bible! What would your grandmother say! 

17. When your embarrassing dad loves axes 


This father really needs to understand that holding an axe to your daughter's chest isn't the safest thing to do in the world. But then again, the family seems pretty weird...

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