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OMG January 9, 2019 By Hugo

While the festive cheer and goodwill might already be a distant memory as you trudge back to work on a gloomy Monday morning, many things are happening around you that are the epitome of what Christmas stands for- you probably just don't notice them.


Look around you, and you will find that life goes on with the same beauty and togetherness of the holidays, only it probably goes unnoticed as we are too busy focusing on our own lives. So sit back as we aim to cheer you up and put you on the right track for 2019 by presenting you with 30 feel-good photos that will keep you in the festive mood. 

1. A smile is just as valuable


How many times have you passed a homeless person without a single thought concerning their well-being? The homeless problem is endemic in many areas of America, so much so that many have become careless passersby when confronted with the homeless, which can make the homeless feel more worthless and hopeless than they already do.

Even if you haven't got much to spare, all it takes sometimes is a penny or a smile to make things a bit better. As your parents probably taught you, it's the thought that counts. 

2. "Say hi!"


How wonderful is this? A diver probably thought he'd spread his amazing experience to others and pose for a photo as a group of stingrays circled him. As we all know, stingrays have a rather anthropomorphic appearance, with their eyes and formation of their mouths being quite similar to ours.

So when they posed for a photo with this fortunate diver, it appeared as though they were saying "cheese" as the photographer captured the beautiful moment.

3. Even at fiercely contested soccer matches, opposing fans can still show solidarity


The Merseyside derby between Premier League teams Everton and Liverpool is one of the most anticipated fixtures in European soccer, with both sets of fans hailing from the famed English city of Liverpool. 

A derby of incredible magnitude, fans can often let their passion get the better of them as they trade verbal insults at each other. In some cases, however, even the biggest of rivals can come together in solidarity and help a fellow man. 

4. A dying man's last wish


As we have already mentioned the topic of homelessness, I thought it was well worth adding this poignant photo as well. A mixture of both loyalty, sadness, and love all wrapped up into one, the photo captures the last days of a Cedar Rapids homeless man by the name of Kevin Mc Clain whose dying wish was to see his dog, Yurtle, one last time.

Yurtle used to live in the back of the 57-year-old man's car as he did his best to find better opportunities in a country riddled with unemployment. Kevin died shortly after the touching moment. 

Yurtle was rehoused with a new family. 

5. Turkish newlyweds spend their wedding day helping the homeless


We all dream of having that perfect wedding day, filled with raucous celebrations, the attendance of those we love most, and ultimately, marrying the person who understands us the way no other person does. However, helping others is another kind of love we as a human race can often neglect.

But these two newlyweds decided to spread their happiness to the neediest by serving food to the homeless in their local Turkish community.

6. Please Jump


How amazing would this sign be if you were a kid walking through the neighborhood and saw this? These gestures are things we all need, but especially children, who are so often told to stick by the rules and keep noise at a minimum.

And who wouldn't want to jump in a pile full of leaves?!

7. Love conquers all


Even in the confines of a cage, these beautiful parrots have found sage counsel and love by simply having each other. It's something we could all learn from. 

Sometimes, the act of simply being in there presence is enough.

8. Shelter and love go hand-in-hand


Shelter is one the most essential things in life, yet more often and not, we seem to forget this until the Xmas period at which point we all make some effort to help the homeless. Of course, humans aren't the only ones without a loving and caring home. Across the world, there are millions of stray cats and dogs, so it helps when strangers lend a help in hand.

Just like us, cats don't take kindly to being caught in the rain, so one compassionate individual parted with their umbrella so a cat could take shelter. We could learn a lot from this person.

9. Home at last  


It would be impossible to list every human emotion running through this couple's head when they were reunited after her husband's loyal service abroad. While war itself can often be criticized, it's also worth paying your respects to those brave enough to step up to the plate and risk their lives for the liberty and freedom of their nation.

We salute the both of you.

10. Sibling love


This is adorable, right? Taken years apart in the same spot, this brother and sister certainly have a special bond that reminds us how special sibling love can be when growing up and navigating the big bad world.

Companionship, as well as love, always conquers all, whether it be platonic or romantic. So long as you have someone, life is always more bearable. 

11. A warm hug can solve a lot of problems


A warm hug may not cure world hunger. Heck, it may not even clear your tab at the bar, but what it will do is give you a momentary feeling of pure love and protection that we all need at times, no matter how independent we proclaim to be.

So embrace hugs the way this pug does, and you'll be okay. We promise.

12. The Huskies who came to dinner


I challenge you to look at this photo and not be instantly lit up with happiness! How could you not smile at this? A group of huskies all waiting for their supper as one owner presides over their meals.

How adorable! 

13. Celebrating the things that matter


We can often get caught up in the things in life that aren't that important. If you start worrying about lost iPhones, a lack of Instagram likes, then you have a problem, because you're not allowing yourself to enjoy the simple things in life.

Just take the effort the local fire service made to honor this women's 100th birthday. Her late husband was an honorable member of the local fire brigade so they decided to give her her very own honor. What a beautiful moment! 

14. Big business doing good things


While this subheading may sound like an oxymoron, even the most powerful of corporations and fast food outlets can do good things every once in a while.

As the above photo proves, there is still good to be had in this modern day world of mercenary, arriviste business practices. You just have to look a little bit harder.

15. Their day center was closed, so an officer stepped in


Day centers in America can sometimes be the only place where homeless people can eat a meal and experience a few hours of warmth before their daily reality of having nothing once again kicks in. However, sometimes they can unexpectedly shut for the day, which can prove disastrous.

Thankfully, an officer was informed of this and made sure all homeless people in his local area got their daily meal. If ever you wanted a stellar example of public service in action, then this cop is it.

16. When your best friend is everything


This is probably one of the cutest photos I've ever seen, and I've been doing this job for a long time! Pets are great to have around the house, especially if you have children

Best friends, and sofa buddies, this kid will no doubt look back on his childhood with great fondness.

17. His dog couldn't walk, so he did the next best thing


Be prepared for another tearjerking photo of goodness. This one comes in the form of an elderly man whose mobility was, as it often is in old age, fragile at best. Still, with his dog's legs all but gone, he decided the next best thing was to offer the dog daily walks by sitting on his wheelchair.

Love comes in many forms. but sacrifice is often the highest measure of it. Dogs, it appears, really are man's best friend.

18. A cancer patient was sworn in by his local police department, fulfilling his childhood dream


Cancer is a cruel disease that doesn't discriminate, not even when it comes to children. But even in the darkest of moments, there can still be filters of light to be found, as this boy discovered when police from 4 states traveled to see him sworn in as a police officer.

This incredible gesture fulfilled his dream and no doubt made his heart jump ten times faster than the disease that was trying so desperately to destroy it. 

19. After ordering food online shortly after being dumped, this arrived


Being dumped- no matter what stage of life you're in- sucks big time. Your heart is shattered and weighed down with what feels like a million anchors, and just the slightest of tasks can prove almost impossible. But if you surround yourself with warm people, even if they are strangers, they can lift your spirits, as one woman discovered.

Ordering her food online shortly after her boyfriend dumped her, she wrote a message requesting "something uplifting on the container." When she received her food, her request, in brilliant fashion, was granted.

20. A community built a wheelchair-purpose park for disabled children


One of the great things about community is that everyone looks out for each other, and in many areas, that means that the provision of certain infrastructure, services, and overall welfare of locals is often of a higher standard than communities that merely rely on the local services.

The bottom line is that everyone should have the right to have fun, no matter how able you are as a person. We challenge you not to have a tear in your eye.

21. Beating cancer

Cancer discriminates against nobody- not even children. For some kids, a cancer diagnosis can be the end of them. After all, mortality rates for cancer-striken children are higher than you'd think. But what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and thankfully for this brave little girl, she came out the other side.

Proving what an amazing fighter she is, this girl overcame cancer after enduring rounds of chemo, and will now hopefully live the life she always deserved. What a brave soul!

22. A model citizen

Supporting our troops abroad has long been considered part and parcel of being a model citizen which is why national holidays like Veterans Day is so important. They serve and protect for the benefit of our sovereignty and welfare and deserve all the respect they get.

But this level of service isn't always seen on the battlefield. In a beautiful moment caught on camera by a passerby, a uniformed officer is seen stepping out of his car on a wet and windy day to honor a funeral procession. If ever you wanted an example of the utmost respect, this is it.

23. The lonesome busker and four kitties 

YouTube/Sami Hussein

We're a sucker for cute things on this site, so we had to include this heart-warming photo of a down-on-his-luck busker trying his best to entertain a group of adorable kitties! 

As we all know, animals are great at helping us overcome mental adversities. Hospitals have even been known to use animal therapy courses to help patients overcome certain disorders. Even colleges have done this to some extent by hiring puppies for students to interact and play with during stressful term times such as exam season. But having cute kittens cheer you on when no one else will? Now that's some heartwarming stuff! 

24. A once-suicidal man runs a marathon with the person who persuaded him not to jump

Life isn't easy. You don't need a content writer to remind you of this. We all feel down at times, and some of us can even feel so low we contemplate doing things that others would deem unimaginable.

But depression and anxiety can play havoc on our minds, so when one marathon runner decided to end his life a year before this photo was taken, he was persuaded not to by a passerby. A year later, they ran a marathon together. Always look out for your fellow man and woman. They may not be your friends or family, but they're just like you when it comes to feeling all the things that ultimately make us human.

25. Saying goodbye to her best friend

Facebook / Klinikum Fürth

It's not every day you see a horse standing next to an ambulance as its owner is taken ill.

We all have loved ones in life, but for some people, it can often be their pets- especially the elderly.

26. The Rock gifts his stunt double an incredible present

Instagram/ The Rock

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of Hollywood's nice guys, and along with Ryan Reynolds, he's probably the most genuine, down to earth actor working in the business, so what he did for his stunt double is hardly surprising! In yet another example of Dwayne goodness, a video he uploaded to his Instagram page sees him drop by the set and gift a truck to his stunt double following 17 years of putting his life on the line for the actor.

Tanoai Reed, who also happens to be Johnson's cousin, was gifted a custom pick-up truck as a thank you for all his work having intially told him he was doing a behind the scenes interview with him. Captioning the feelgood post, Hollywood's highest paid actor wrote, "SURPRISE! I love handing over keys. I love you brother and enjoy your new truck!"

So overcome with emotions was Tanoai that he even shed a few tears- hardly in keeping with his hardman persona!  Keep spreading the love, Dwayne! 

27. A clever dog saves his two pals


Losing your dogs or having them go missing is every dog owner's worst nightmare, so when a gust of wind took a canoe from the gravel bar and into the strong tides of the river, two dogs followed their instinct and decided to jump inside

After all, it is innate in Labradors to retrieve anything, but it's what happened after- when another dog enters the mix- that truly makes this video remarkable. When the boat is stranded in the middle of the river, the two dogs realize that a rope attached to the boat. After many barks, a black Lab comes to their aid and jumps straight into the water! 

Proving that a dog's loyalty knows no bounds, the heroic pooch knows what is required and drags the canoe back to shore, which just goes to show that dogs can be just heroic as the humans who own them!

Millions have seen this amazing rescue on social media, and if you're asking us, we think this dog deserves all the fame and attention that comes its way! 

28. When you treat your dogs like kings


We're all guilty of thinking our dogs are humans at times and treating them like royalty, but you've probably never transported your three labradors around town in a frickin' three-seater motorcycle!

In many ways, we treat our pets better than our fellow human beings, but when your dogs are as cute as these golden doggos, it's hard not to!

29. The biggest winner


The biggest winner in this school race wasn't the person who finished first, but the child who gave up his position to put the needs and emotions of a fellow racer above that of his own. While this may sound simplistic, having these traits at such a young age is a remarkable strength and will serve this young man well in life.

A sheer credit to his family!

30. Your daily dose of Spidey goodness


Superheros such as Spiderman are lauded for their vigilantism, and even though they may be fictional creations, for millions of fans, they represent the ultimate human being, so it's heartwarming to know that these creations have inspired others to adopt a similar way of thinking.

Stan Lee would be proud.

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