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10 Athletes Who Reportedly Slept With The Wife Of A Teammate

Celebs November 22, 2016 By Hugo

Contrary to popular belief, being a world-famous athlete isn't easy, and though wealth and fame may seem like a fair trade-off, the uniqueness and rigours of the job can make relating to people outside their profession difficult which is often why teammate bonds are so strong.

But what happens when the 'bro code' breaks? Believe it or not, it happens more than you'd imagine and can spell disaster for not only the players involved but also the teams, so with that in mind, we've profiled 10 of the most high-profile teammate cheating scandals and the aftermaths that followed.

1. Tony Parker And Brent Barry

Why anyone would cheat on Eva Longoria is anybody's guess, but it seems Tony Parker had few qualms breaking up his marriage, as well as his friendship when flirty texts sent to the wife of his San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry, who he had once described as "family", were discovered.


Yes, we know he's French, and their views on monogamy are probably different to many Americans, but really, Tony? Was the fame, wealth and marriage to one of the world's most beautiful women, not enough? Evidently not it seems, as the two were quick to divorce soon after the revelation, while Brent's marriage to Erin suffered an identical fate.

However, despite speculation that cheating occurred, Erin was adamant that the cheating wasn't on her part, and issued a statement on her personal website, some of which read, " I DID NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH TONY PARKER, nor did I “pursue” Tony Parker. Unfortunately, because our divorces are occurring at the same time, great speculation has been cast on our friendship." 

2. Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith

The NFL has a reputation for cheating athletes, but when it comes to cheating on a fellow teammate, stories are few and far between which makes the infamous brawl between these two San Fransisco 49ers players even more fascinating. 


The reason behind the fight, which reportedly took place during a training session, led many to believe that Kaepernick was punched by Aldon because he was dating his ex- girlfriend, Neesa, a TV and radio host, which took place on the same day Smith was arrested and charged with a DUI, with some reports suggesting Smith's arrest was spawned from the brawl.

3. John Terry and Wayne Bridge

While the first two have been reported as rumours, this cheating scandal was confirmed by both players when Wayne Bridge refused to shake hands with Chelsea captain John Terry during the obligatory pre-match handshake.

In what was perhaps a fitting result, Man City, with Wayne Bridge putting in a solid performance at left-back, beat Terry's Chelsea side 4-2.

4. Paul Terry and Dale Roberts

While there's no doubting the atheltic prowess of the Terry brothers, their off-field antics have certainly tarnished their image. However, while the affair of Paul's more high-profile brother has been more publicised, Paul's cheating scandal is far worse- and not for the reasons you'd imagine.


Rather than it simply be an 'affair,' the former Rushden and Diamonds defender's infidelity with Lindsey Cowan, the fiancee of teammate and long-term depressive Dale Roberts, led many to believe that the indignity of it, coupled with his battle with his mental health resulted in Roberts' suicide in December 2010.

5. Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov

Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov were two of the Soviet's best ice-hockey players and had a long-held friendship before the blonde bombshell and former tennis player Anna Kournikova came on the scene.


But having the hots for the same girl can test even the strongest of friendships, something Fedorov discovered only after he had married Anna. Yes, you'd think marriage would be enough of a stumbling block to keep other admirers at bay, but when you look like Kournikova, Pavel Bure evidently became undone from temptation and tapped into the Russian's unfaithfulness.

In the end, Fedrov walked away from the marriage, and is thought to have severed all ties with Bure.

6. Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich

Playing for the New York Yankees garners enough media attention as it is, but when Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich held a press conference on March 6th, 1973 to let the media know of their intention to swap wives, it soon created a media frenzy. 


However, while the press were quick to make it into a story of betrayal, the couples insisted it was a genuine love story, with one of the couples still together, 43 years on.

7. Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol

Like with the pressures that come with playing for the Yankees, shooting hoops for the Lakers doesn't come without its demands either, but in the case of Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol, their annoyances were very much of their making. 


Albeit a rumour, Pau Gasol's dip in form in the 2010-11 season was thought to have come about after an affair involving Shannon Brown and his wife, Silvia Lopez Castro, and while Gasol has never spoken out about the alleged incident, Shannon Brown vigorously denied the accusations on his Twitter page.

8. Rick Manning And Dennis Eckersley

Dating back to the 1970s, Eckersley's trade from the Cleveland Indians to the Boston Red Sox came about after the player's marital problems, which would see Rick Manning, a teammate at the time, getting into a relationship with Eckersley's wife following her decision to leave him. 


However, Dennis has always denied the supposed reason behind his trade and claims the Indians were not aware of his situation for many months.

9. Demarco Murray and Brennan Clay

Having been friends since their college-playing days, Brennan's ascent into the NFL playing for the Dallas Cowboys should have been the best thing that ever happened to him, but instead, he lost one of his closest friends.


Brennan Clay, who never made it to the NFL, discovered a host of racy text messages on his partner's phone that were sent from Murray and took to Twitter to vent his anger. 

Demarco Murray, on the other hand, has always denied the accusations against him. 

10. Wayne Carey and Anthony Stevens

In a case Down Under, Wayne Carey, arguably the Australian equivalent of John Terry, isn’t exactly known for being chivalrous, something he proved when the Aussie Rules footballer slept with his teammate’s wife during a team party.


The bad boy footballer was teammates with Anthony Stevens, whom he had known for 12 years when playing for North Melbourne. And though Stevens' wife was intent on being with Wayne, that didn't happen, and instead of a Peterson Kekick-style wife-swap, Stevens ended his marriage with his unfaithful wife, and everyone has since moved on.

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