10 Athletes Who Never Get The Credit They Deserve

Celebs December 14, 2017 By Vincent

In all sports, there are true legends of the game who will live long in the memory for their exploits and amazing statistics but whilst their names remain in the history books for eternity, there are others who are overshadowed by this greatness despite themselves being decent athletes. Some are unfairly derided for not being flashy enough and some who are just roundly ignored for being sturdy workhorses. Here we look at a few athletes who deserve a bit more credit for what they've done.

1. Tim Raines

An amazing baseball player, Tim Raines spent 13 seasons with the Montreal Expos which, in itself probably prevented him getting too much attention as the team was never really associated with greatness (despite doing some good things). In which time Raines had seven trips to the All-Star game, stole 808 bases, and racked up 2,605 hits, 980 runs batted in, and an incredible 1,571 runs scored over an amazing 23-year career while batting .294.


Overshadowed by the loud-mouthed Rickey Henderson, Raines kept a low profile and got on with his game which is probably why he is still yet to be a Hall of Famer.

2. Ray Parlour

An English soccer player who spent the bulk of his career at Arsenal, Parlour earned himself the ironic nickname of the 'Romford Pele' for his solid performance but unglamorous image and has been described as an "unsung hero" and praised as a "fans' favorite" for his high-energy performances.


A Premier League winner and part of the famous Arsenal's invincibles team, Parlour also has won the F.A Cup, League Cup, and UEFA Cup Winners Cup but only received a clutch of call-ups for his national team, never making it to a major tournament. 

3. Chris Osgood

Goaltenders in hockey never really get any credit, but Osgood was often seen as the reason the Detroit Redwings lost games rather than won them in his time with the club. Given that he went 401-216-66 with a 2.49 goals against average this idea is unfounded especially since he also went 74-49 with a 2.09 GAA in the playoffs en route to winning three Stanley Cups. 


However, other players in the team such as Steve Yzerman got all the credit for any success.

4. Donovan McNabb

Ragged on by everyone from the media to his own teammates as people played down his achievements and folks like Terrell Owens took cheap shot after cheap shot so what did McNabb do to deserve this?

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During his tenure with the Eagles, he led the Eagles to five NFC East division championships, five NFC Championship Games, and one Super Bowl whilst also breaking records as the Eagles' all-time leader in pass attempts, pass completions, passing yards, and passing touchdowns. 

5. Sidney Moncrief

In an era dominated by the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, Moncrief found himself playing for the unpopular Milwaukee and was dragging them to the playoff's season in season out. Even Michael Jordan said of him,  "when you play against Moncrief, you're in for a night of all-around basketball. He'll hound you everywhere you go, both ends of the court."

Milwaukee VA Medical Center/commons.wikimedia.org

He had respect from his peers and relative career success, but nagging knee injuries forced his retirement at 33, and the world largely forgot about him.

6. Greg LeMond

The first American to win the Tour De France, LeMond won it three times and without doping his way to the top. Unfortunately, Americans had no context of his achievements in the era in which he won, and it wasn't until Armstrong started winning that they would gain such knowledge.

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However, being an outspoken critic of Armstrong at the time, LeMond received bad PR from the golden boy of cycling but since his fall from grace LeMond deserves the credit he was never given!

7. Trent Dilfer

For a Super Bowl winning quarterback, the criticism most often leveled at Dilfer is that he was a game manager, but it is exactly that which made him so good. He didn't throw stupid interceptions and played smart when he needed to which got him and the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory in 2001. 

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He will never be recognized for being spectacular or auspicious, but he certainly deserves more respect.

8. Mark Recchi

Playing for an astonishing 22 years at the highest level of hockey and in that time he amassed 577 goals and 956 assists and won three Stanley Cups with three different teams in three different decades and still the Hall of Fame does not acknowledge him. Why?


Well, Recchi was always overshadowed by bigger stars of the time in each team, but his sheer longevity should be praised let alone his successes.

9. Fat Lever

Playing only nine full seasons in an 11-year career, Lever was a 6' 3' point guard with an average of 19.8 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game. Even at the highest levels, those numbers are crazy and puts him in sixth all-time for most triple-doubles


He only was voted into two All-Star games during his career and was never inducted into Hall of Fame.

10. Tommy John

Better known for the surgery pioneered on his pitching arm that is now used on countless athletes than his actual sporting career, over a 26-year career, John went 288-231 with a 3.34 ERA. Those numbers are insane and are the highest of anyone not actually in the Hall of Fame except for notorious drug cheat Roger Clemens.


His 288 career victories rank as the seventh highest total among left-handers in major league history, and he has gone over 15 years of being eligible for the Hall of Fame without being elected.


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