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21 Astonishing Photos Caught At Just The Right Moment!

OMG December 9, 2016 By Hugo

Photos are supposed to provoke human emotion. And whether it's happiness, sadness, or even just interest, the capacity for a photograph to move us is pretty impressive which is why we at OMG Lane have compiled a list of awesome and hilarious photos captured at just the right moment.

Here are 30 photos that captured the unexpected. 


1. A Model Cat

Cats are popular pets across the globe, and various products are marketed at their owners.


But even with the emergence of celebrity cats, you'd think a top fashion house like Abercrombie And Fitch would think twice before using a cat to model their clothes. Not that he doesn't look in good shape...

2. Nature can be rude...

Nature takes no prisoners, and even if you belong to the same species, that doesn't make you exempt from being on the receiving end of a nasty kick.


Poor bird! 

3. Living On The Edge

One lucky wildlife enthusiast got more than he bargained for when he/she took a photo of two lizards on a branch. 


What was probably them mating turned into something far more eye-catching, however, once the picture revealed that one lizard was clinging onto its friend for dear life.

4.  We're not quite sure if this dog morphed into a shark.....

Any dog owner will know that a surefire way to their heart is food, and if you've never believed that you only have to look at this photo to be swayed. 


If that isn't a happy dog, we don't know what is. 

5. It's a monster!!!

Deceptive photography never fails to amaze us, even if we know deep down that a giant fluffy dog could never morph into a giant killer.


Not that giant dogs couldn't one day become a reality..

6. "Eye Eye, Captain"

If you own a parrot you're A) Someone who doesn't care about the welfare of animals or B) A one-eyed pirate.


In this instance, it's safe to say he's the latter.

7.  Men seem to be embracing their more feminine side

Deceptive imagery is all the rage online, and it took us a good few minutes before we finally noticed that this picture was perfectly normal.


Noticed yet?

8.  Allison Stokke's balancing act

A 17-year-old Allison Stokke broke the internet when a sport's blog re-posted a photo of the then High School pole vaulter online and ever since, Stokke's name, despite her athletic prowess, has been synonymous with her looks. However, this photo of Stokke's competing at a High School event made her appear like some sought of mutant who could make poles hover in thin air.


Though If you look closely, you'll see her shoulder is merely playing host to a delicate balancing act. 

9. Smothering your child in a bubble

Is your child giving you the runaround? Well, here's one way you can give yourself a bit of peace.


Entertaining the child as well, these bubbles work wonders... until they pop a millisecond later.

10.  A water droplet reflects the image of the adjacent map

Many great websites are dedicating large pages of their sites and publications to travel photography, but sometimes, amateur photography just can't be topped. 


Just take this photo of a water droplet reflecting an image of the Earth. Whether the photographer meant it is debatable, but it goes to show the potential we all have, regardless of individual equipment. 

11. The evil bunny

Creepy but equally impressive, we're sure someone has started a rumour online that all bunnies are now killing fire monsters.


They're not, just in case you weren't sure and had one at home. 

12. Urban splashing

Wouldn't it be the worst if you were on your way to work only to get a wave of gutter water swept in your face? 


It would be even more annoying if you then looked upon and noticed that the advert on the bus happened to be of a couple laughing at you as they slide down a sun-dappled theme park attraction.

13. When karma's behind you

Thankfully, societies' attitudes towards hunting have largely been replaced by a more concerted effort to preserve the world's wildlife, so it isn't surprising that many were more than happy to express their joy when this picture circulated online.


But no, they didn't die.

14.  Devil Horns

Red horns are associated with evil and eternal doom, but horns of a different kind were on display in this scintillating photo.


Photographing the sunset amidst thick clouds and an overcast sky, flickers of sun shone through the opaque conditions and gave shape to two adjacent horns. Pretty awesome.

15. Eww...... 

If you're going to be snapped puking, it's always good to know that you can pull it off when in proximity to a river.


That way, you can make it appear as though last night's drunken escapades were all done to aid Earth's splendour.

16. "I've been hit in the face, Jack"

Re-creating one of cinema's most romantic moments will never be easy, but if you're willing to go full on cheese and embrace everything corny about your relationship then you probably won't care.


But getting hit in the face by a seagull? Now that's something you're going to care about.

17. Feline Love

Cats don't often form tight bonds the way dogs do, but perhaps this photo proves they aren't immune to physical affection. 


Timed to perfection, the photo goes to show that in some cases, love really is in the air.

18.  Searching for a friend

This endearing photo of a lonely dragonfly couldn't have found a better home after landing on the leg of a person with a dragonfly tattoo on their foot.


Now, let's get loads of money tattooed to our feet and see what happens!

19. Not everyone likes dolphins...

Perhaps mistaking the dolphin for a shark, this little girl couldn't help but cry the after seeing the dolphin lurk in the background.


We've all be there, though. Especially when it comes to opening up our bills.

20. High five!

Will you see a cooler shark ever again? We doubt it! 


Just don't try to prove us wrong. You may find they eat you before you have a chance to send us proof.

21. Their words, not ours

Corporations like Starbucks are never going to please everyone, but no one excepts such criticism to come from the company.


But who knows? Maybe it was all a clever ploy of advertising? Or maybe it was just a silly error that led to the perpetrator getting fired? Probably the latter, which must have really sucked.

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