The Amount Of Money Fortnite's Owners Have Made Is Ridiculous

OMG July 20, 2018 By Hugo

Fortnite, a free-to-play shooter, has captivated gamers around the world and has even attracted celebrities such as Drake to online streaming sessions with famous gamers, so it's little surprise the company behind the game soon got away with offering paid add-ons and extras.

YouTube/ Fortnite

In fact, in little under a year since its release, its developers were racking up monthly profits of $300 million, leading Fortnite to break the billion dollar mark in revenue for the first time.

In a remarkable success story, the game's viral popularity and easy-to-play features have convinced nearly 70% of its users to part way with their money, with the average spend a staggering $58.25 according to a recent survey from LendEDU which surveyed a pool of 1000 players.

Analysis of Battle Royale games (a game mode which pits 100 players against each other) from the data site SuperData also revealed a 625% growth in the genre over the past year, and it now accounts for 12% of all digital game revenues following other games following suit and adopting their own Battle Royale features.

The bulk of in-game revenue can be attributed to new skins and outfits, with 58% of users spending their (or their parents') cash on these items despite these outfits having no impact on how well a user does in actual gameplay. 

If you're still with us,  a quarter of Fortnite players were also revealed to have paid monthly subscriptions to Twitch, an online gaming streaming service allowing users to watch famous players playing the game. Pretty absurd, right?

Most alarmingly of all, 7.7% of the 1000 users surveyed admitted to spending over 21 hours a week on the game - an average of 3 hours a day.

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