Amazing Walmart Photos That Proves Walmart Celebrates Individuality Like No Place Else

LOL November 27, 2018 By Hugo

To most Americans, the mass retailer Walmart is a national institution and a place which stocks and sells nearly everything imaginable, so it's only fitting their clientele are equally as diverse.

Indeed while America may be synonymous with multicultured societies, it appears the shoppers of Walmart have taken the idea of living in 'The Land of the Free' to a whole new level by displaying some truly incredible outfits! 

But while others may scoff at the idea of having these people celebrated, the creative ingenuity of these customers is what life is all about. Here are some amazing photos that prove there is no place on Earth that celebrates individuality quite like Walmart!

1. Walmart: A place where even cops let loose

Walmart celebrates individuality like few other places in America, so much so that even the cops can let loose and have fun! Yes, instead of chasing kids who stole sweets from the local dime store, or stopping drivers suspected of eating a McDonald's burger while driving in the vicinity of a Burger King, these cops took a well-earned rest and good on em'!

While the police often come under attack for eating too many doughnuts or using excessive force, most are nice people, so it's always nice to see them enjoying themselves in a job that most of us couldn't do.

2. Doing the robot (literally)

The robot dance is your go-to move on the dancefloor if you're comfortable with accepting that you're not a very good dancer. But what if you had the opportunity to feel less alone and meet fellow robot dancers? Well, look no further than the robot himself, otherwise known as Optimus Prime.

Yes, in a cheeky visit and dance with one fortunate Walmart customer, he proved that being a robot dancer is nothing to be ashamed of!

3. Owning the Walmart dancefloor

How cool is this? This outfit has serious Night Fever vibes. I feel my feet tapping to an unconquerable hymn right now. If everyone was as fashionably liberated as this guy, the world would be a better place.

Keep doing your thing, Mr. Groovy! 

4. Teaching your child the importance of being free!

There was a famous song in the '90s that went something along the lines of "I'm free, to be who I want to be." It's a great message and one which should always be played in disco halls because it tells us that no matter our background, race, or religion, we can dress the way we want, even if others deem it strange and abnormal.

Best of all, the child in this photo will grow up knowing he never has to pretend to be somebody he's not!

5. Wizardry 101 

If you've ever dreamed of meeting a modern-day wizard, then look no further than this rad dude! We can just imagine him attracting surfers and hippies to his beach hut and waxing lyrical of yoga and the importance of neuroplasticity.

Oh, and did we mention how cool the robe is?!

6. Howard Stern's lovechild? 

Howard Stern is one of America's greatest radio hosts and a great all-around entertainer, but has he been trying to hide a big secret? Spotted in a Walmart near you, this Stern doppelganger is certainly a sight to the eyes!

Now, all he needs is a brash persona, a black dye job and he'll be all set! 

7. Walmart: The place where '70s rockstars go to retire

Keith Richards. Paul McCartney. Axel Rose. You name it, these rockers of yesteryear all have to retire someday, but it appears an increasing amount of these talented musical acts have forgone the Four Seasons to spend the rest of their days shopping in their local Walmarts.

Who said Walmart wasn't cool... You, that's who!

8. Soccer moms with monkeys also like Walmart

This is ridiculously cute, if not slightly odd, but it's Walmart we're talking about, so we shouldn't be too surprised!

Let's just hope it doesn't grow up and get really angry with its owner for always shopping in Walmart!

9. Canine (and mohawk) cuteness

We've seen pet monkeys, and now we're going to show you a dog in a poncho. Yes, we really treat our beloved canine friends like actual human beings which speaks volumes for our relationship with mans' best friend.

They also both have mohawks which is pretty cool. 

10. When your grandchild doesn't want to go to Walmart

If you're of a certain age and have grandchildren that are going through an unruly phase, then why not do what this genius grandad did and attach them to the end of your scooter as you do your weekly shopping? 

They get to have a fun ride while you can shop in relative peace. It's a win-win!

11. Strict parenting done well

All fathers will relate to this because clothing companies don't hold back when it comes to selling clothes to impressionable minds! Of course, your children won't want to hear this, especially if you have girls who want to wear short shorts, so this genius father got round this problem in the most genius way!

Parading his very own pair of short shorts in a local Walmart with a message on the back of his shirt explaining his actions, this has to go down as one of the best parenting techniques of all time!

12. Walmart: The King of Funny T-shirts

Isn't this the greatest T-shirt ever? While we know this heavy dude is more than happy to poke fun at his so-called exercise regime, we can't help but admire his ability to own his weight and more importantly, be comfortable in his own skin!

Keep doing your thing in the bright gates of Walmart, dude!

13. When stationary is life

We don't condone falling into certain sections of a Walmart department for the sole purpose of comic value, but we've got to admit that this is pretty funny!

Either this dude had a really long day or he has a strong desire to share his life with pencils and pens! Each to their own!

14. Keep your child on a leash! 

We get it, everyone has different ways of parenting, and you don't need to be one yourself to know that. However, this is a bit extreme, wouldn't you think?!

Children are unruly and annoying at the best of times, but do they really need to be controlled in Walmart? Well, I guess it depends on how big their candy section is.

15. Walmart: A colorful place in more ways than one

In most countries, their supermarkets, and mass level department stores aren't much to write home about, but in Walmart, it appears you really can be yourself and walk in harmony with all types of people.

This land that we call America, from California to the New York island, really is one of a kind. Especially when you notice the high rise in demand for rainbow-colored dogs.

16. When Walmart is life

We can all be guilty of indulging in too much retail therapy, but the owner of this vehicle has taken this to the next level! What more could he possibly need? 

A snake? A multi-colored dog? Korean flavored avocados?

17. Cute Level: 11/10

How often do you get to see cute lambs? Not very often, but you don't have to live in a rural Montanna hideaway to see them anymore! If this uber-cute photo of a lamb riding on a Walmart trolley is any indication, all you need to do is visit your local Walmart to see what is quite possibly the cutest sight of all time.

Just look at its soft, black fur! 

18. Michael Cera: Coming to a Walmart near you

Here's Michael Cera looking, well, like Michael Cera always does: confused as to why he's even a movie star. All joking aside, we love Cera's body of work, but there's something subtly hilarious about a timid Cera having his photo taken in Walmart. 

Just look at him! He looks like he's just been caught red-handed stealing a copy of Superbad.

19. Justin also loves Walmart

Mr. Bieber, you've been caught shopping in a place that is supposedly too cheap for you! We're only kidding, we know you're one of us really, and full props for making this young boy's day.

But seriously, would it hurt to smile when hounded every day of your life? Some people.....

20. Cheese & Walmart = A Match Made In Heaven

Every cheese lover will sing the dairy products praises for as long as they shall live, but is this Walmart cheese lover taking her obsession a bit too far?

Well, if she managed to get 100+ Instagram likes and a mention in on our article, she's probably doing alright. Keep doing your thing, girl!

21. Spiderman on his lunch break

Even superheroes aren't too good for a place as collectively valued as Walmart, and as it stocks pretty much every energy snack imaginable, we're sure Spidey makes regular jaunts when he's off duty to stock up.

Just don't relax for too long, buddy. The world needs you right now!

22Acceptable in the 80's

Somewhat reversing the famous Nike slogan 'Just do it', this non-conformist lets us know he isn't as boring as the rest of us! 

Better still, his purple facial hair is what dreams are made of. Rock on, brother! 

23. Taking the cat out

Walmart really is a place full of extraordinary sights and sounds that stretch far beyond those of any other supermarket, so it's not at all surprising that this Walmart customer decided he needed a little feline companion on his shopping trip. 

 Isn't this adorable? Plain weird, yes, but adorable too. 

24. A multicolored zebra?

Nothing says 'going for a casual shop' like stepping out in a pink, and purple lycra onesie with Waldo's underpants and odd Christmas stockings for socks adorning it.

Whatever look she intended, we think she looks more like a zebra who touched too many wet paint signs.

25.  When Walmart Halloween Is All You Know

If all these photos weren't enough inspiration to get you running to your nearest Walmart and buying some cool Halloween stuff, we don't know what will!

10/10 for effort.

26. Shrek heads to the fruit section


Okay, maybe we spoke too soon! This outfit is pure genius! But it does make us wonder if things are okay with Princess Fiona.

Maybe she just isn't looking at Shrek the same way? We will have to wait for the reboot, Shrek: The Walmart Days to find out.

27. When your onesie game is fierce

Onesies have been ridiculed and adored in equal measure, and it's created a debate among the fashion-conscious over whether they are a staple part of one's night-time wardrobe or a faux pas that deserve punishing to the full extent of the law.

In our minds? We think they're great, so why not go to Walmart in them too!

28. Is Slenderman a Walmart regular? 

While this guy is clearly trolling us (and scarring us in equal measure), we couldn't not include this photo! It's as if a mysterious character from a Tim Burton film recently discovered the home cooking aisle of Wallmart and proceded to wonder whether spag bowl is a safe dish to cook on a first date.

Slenderman, we salute you for being a Walmart regular!

29. One cool dude! 

This man has style and sure as hell knows it! Judging by his incredible hairstyle, he's probably also aware that Walmart stocks a variety of hair gels!

And yes, we know you were thinking it too- This guy is what Elvis would look like with blonde hair. Thanks for showing us an image we've always wished for, Blonde Lookalike Elvis!

30. Box Your Way To The Latest Deals 

Box your way through life by visiting a local Walmart, where local boxers put on a great show and fellow shoppers eat $99 popcorn in perfect harmony!

From the Walmarts in South Central LA to the gold roads of Times Square, we salute you for the service you give and hope you continue to provide a safe place for millions of Americans to simply be themselves! 

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