10 Amazing Music Festivals You've Probably Never Heard Of

FUN FACTS September 14, 2017 By Vincent

As summer arrives we all start to get excited for festival season where we can stay out dancing all night as the evenings remain light and the warmth means we can carry on drinking into the early hours and music festivals are the perfect way to get out and enjoy this weather.

For many people, traveling around the world and attending music festivals is an essential part of their summer but there are a few epic experiences out there that you may not have heard about.

Organik Festival - Taiwan

Whilst techno festivals in the West tend to focus on the harder side of the pulsating, electronic beats that pound away, Asia takes a very different approach to the whole thing with far more zen-like experiences and softer tunes and focus and nowhere is this more prevalent than at Organik.

It weaves nature into the festival and ties spirituality into it with hypnotic beats and chilled rhythms carrying you along.

Manana Cuba

The small Caribbean island has long had a thriving music scene and this festival brings the rich sounds of Afro-Cuban artists and mixes them with international techno acts in a first since the historic end to the US embargo of the country.

Unknown names will undoubtedly be brought to greater attention and will once again enliven the world with their rhythms.

Rainbow Disco Club - Japan

Nestled in the glorious hills of Izu, famed for their hot springs, this festival has a far more relaxed and inclusive family vibe than others which brings together coastal views and banging tunes together.

Quirky and colorful, it has a sort of hippy-come-hipster vibe for all ages to plunge into.

Strange Sounds of Beyond - Netherlands

As the name suggests, this is one for those who like more alternative sounds as the music travels from around the globe to a secluded spot in the north of the city at the NDSM docklands.

Only accessible by ferry the isolation creates a sort of introverted community that thrives of the bizarre, wasteland aesthetic.

Astropolis - France

Exhibitions, film screenings, vinyl markets and Ableton workshops, all take place in this free party that is held against the backdrop of beautiful Brest.

Weird and wonderful, it's a bit like if David Lynch decided to hold a music festival with nightly parties and club sets.

Into The Valley - Sweden

About 280km Northwest of Stockholm, in Sweden, if you head into the Rattvik forest you will find a disused quarry that plays host to the Into The Valley festival. Once there, you will have to row across the lake to get to the stage where you can find dance, electronica and techno music blaring out.

Only open in the summer months, this venue sits in the center of Sweden in a former limestone quarry where the stage is separated from the audience by its own moat. What makes it so spectacular is that it is nowhere near any bustling cities but rather surrounded by forests and its name 'Dalhalla' is an apt reference to Valhalla, a hall in which heroes killed in battle were believed to feast with the god Odin for eternity.

Donauefestival - Austria

With a smaller number of artists playing than many other festivals, Donaue festivals comes into its own as it scatters bold, influential and experimental artists throughout a select few venues of the city of Krems.

Jeroen Komen/commons.wikimedia.org

Electronic, post-punk and experimental all whirl about together in a heavy and eclectic mix.

The Best Kept Secret - Netherlands

Aptly named, The Best Kept Secret Festival takes place on the location of a Safari park in the Netherlands. Centered around an idyllic lake, the music is kept well away from the animals to avoid any unfortunate clashes and disturbing any of the creatures.

Pretty cool to be in amongst the amazing scenery that all these animals share, although you won't be seeing any unless you leave the festival site and pop into the separated safari area.

Tomorrowland - Belgium

This EDM festival only started in 2005 but is already making a name for itself due to its themes that change every year. The stage designs are altered in accordance with these themes and revelers are encouraged to dress up and join in the fun.

It has been named the International Dance Music Awards Best Music Event every year since 2012 and there is also a Tomorrowland Brazil that takes place just outside of Sao Paulo.

Pitch Music and Arts - Australia

An alternative music scene in amongst the Grampian Mountain range that describes itself as  "brut-tropical” and “neoteric", the stunning visual treats are accompanied by a range of electronic and experimental tones.

The beauty is stunning and yet this spot is all too often overlooked for other festivals in the country.

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