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10 Amazing Christmas Tree Toppers That Will Make You Lol!

LOL December 8, 2016 By Vincent

With Christmas just around the corner, most people will be setting up their trees and topping it off with a nice star or angel as are the traditional things to place atop your trees, but some people aren't ones for tradition and go for a different approach that sees them topping off their tree in cool and quirky ways.


Here we look at some awesome tree toppers that took some clever and creative thinking.

1. Even The Darkside Celebrates Christmas

This person is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and has turned their tree into a giant Darth Vader by topping it off with his iconic mask and placing a lightsaber by its side with other toys and action figures from the series hung from its lower branches. Where you find a black Christmas tree to make this work, we don't know but it certainly is cool.


Hopefully, the force is with this person over the holiday period.

2. Kong at Kristmas

In an iconic scene of the King Kong film franchise, the giant ape climbs the Empire State building and swats away planes trying to shoot him down. This person clearly thought recreating the scene would be an amusing way to top off the tree and even gave the ape a Santa hat of his own.


With the other decorations on the tree seeming quite sober and traditional, this gives it a quirky little twist.

3. Santa Claws

This little kitten seems to be the one that wants to be the center of attention at Christmas and has clearly clocked the tree in the corner of the room as a toy for them to play with as they've climbed to its peak and claimed top spot to make sure everyone knows who is boss and to show that no angel or star will be taking that away from them.


Impressive balance and skill are also on show here, perhaps the cat is just a bit of a show-off.

4. Ho, Ho Hufflepuff

This Christmas tree has taken on a Harry Potter theme as trinkets and props from the film and book series have been places all the way down the branches for the fan of the series and owner of this tree. In a clever way of solving the problem of what to put on top of such a tree, of course, it had to be the sorting hat.


It does leave us wondering, though, what house would the tree go into?

5. DDT Out of Nowhere!

Any wrestling fan, or perhaps just meme makers on the internet, will be familiar with the scene of a wrestler coming out of nowhere and grabbing their stunned opponent before dropping them to their knees so if your tree is a little crooked, why not make the most of it and make it the unwitting victim of one of these attacks?


The poor tree just didn't see it coming!

6. I Am Groot!

If you're a big fan of Marvel's Guardian's of The Galaxy, you'll be familiar with the living tree alien Groot who is a monosyllabic beast made of wood and can only as "I am Groot!". Here, playing on the tree theme, one clever decorator has turned their Christmas tree into the character with a Groot head topper.


They've even given him his companion, Rocket Racoon to keep him company.

7. The Best Yeti

Christmas is a time usually associated with the cold climate and winter snow so why not decorate your tree with the mythical beast of a Yeti? Emerging from behind the branches, this one seems like a friendly fella' as he gives a wave and undoubtedly he is great protection for all those presents underneath it.


Ther light up feature also means you'll never miss him.

8. Mario Christmas

The iconic 1980s video game character who is still going strong, Super Mario is well represented here as he and his brother Luigi race to the top of the tree to grab the star all whilst avoiding the ornamental enemies and maybe getting a power up from the '?' box in the middle.



This is the perfect way to decorate the tree if you're an avid gamer!

9. Godzilla!

Even giant lizard monsters brought about by nuclear testing celebrate Christmas and this Godzilla certainly seems to be getting into the spirit of things by putting on a Santa hat and topping off this tree. It may seem a little scary to some but we're sure the beast is just looking at getting its claws on some Christmas dinner.


Either way, no one is going to risk sneaking a peak at the presents early with that giant reptile looming over them.

10. Grumpy Cat Does Not Approve

When you spend all your tie on the internet, what better way to celebrate Christmas than by having a grumpy faced cat who hates everything staring down from high above looking disapprovingly over the festivities going on. This internet meme has come into the real world for this one and is even begrudgingly sporting a Santa hat.


We hope every had a Merry Christmas though rather than a Grumpy one!

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