22 Airport Photos That Are Beyond Funny

LOL July 5, 2018 By Hugo

Airports, don't you just hate them? While they can transport us almost anywhere, they are also staffed by jaded staff, unreliable luggage handlers and overzealous security staff. The worst part? The flights themselves are usually delayed, leaving passengers sleep deprived and grumpy.


However, you can also come across a series of unusual situations and sights that make the waiting around almost worthwhile.

In a brilliant gallery, we chronicle a side of traveling that will be sure to make you laugh.

1. And the most ingenious airport sleeping invention goes to....


Catching some precious rest in an airport departure lounge is never easy. For starters, you have to contend with screaming children and passengers who won't shut up about their all-inclusive holiday to Miami, but when times are hard, you can always rely on a newspaper for a makeshift blanket.

2. It ain't easy traveling with kids


Nobody said having kids was going to be easy, but taking them from one part of the world to the other can be a different proposition altogether. But fear not tired parents, this dad may have just found the cure to all your problems: the suitcase. While we don't suggest you put your child in it, they seem more than capable of latching themselves onto it.

3. When you construct a 'comfortable' sleeping position

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This man was clearly beyond tired, otherwise, he wouldn't have bothered to engineer such a god-awful sleeping position. How is it even possible to feel relaxed in that position?"

4. When you've had enough

Imgur/ scooby303

Being a parent isn't for the fainthearted or suited to those who value their independence. Just look at the state of this poor man! Our prayers are with you, buddy!

5. There are weird sleeping positions.... and there's this


We've already seen waiting passengers adopt a series of strange sleeping positions, but we can only assume that this man let the waiting play with his sanity.

6. Airports: Driving middle-aged housewives insane 


If airports introduced sleeping pods, we think passengers would be much happier. Poor woman!

7. Sleeping under eye-catching blankets; do not disturb


This looks awfully silly, but at least it's an upgrade on newspapers. If you're going to master the art of sleeping in airports, then this photo should certainly be in the instruction manual.

8. When desperate times call for desperate measures


Or you can just be like this woman and not give a damn about passing strangers. Sleep is important!

9. Daddy's flight school money hasn't paid off


While it might be foam on the ground rather than ice, it still beggars belief that a trained pilot could crash a plane without it even taking off. 

10. Nicolas Cage reprising his role in Leaving Las Vegas


Celebrities like Nicolas Cage are used to photo requests, but he could have probably done without anyone recognizing him when he appeared blurry eyed on a commercial flight. The price you pay for mixing it with the peasant class, Nic! 

 11. Looking fly


If you're going to make a fashion statement, then there aren't many places better to do it than at an airport. With thousands of people in proximity, this outfit was bound to be photographed, posted online and reported on by media outlets who like to write about weird things in airports. Still, this dude looks hella fly. 

12. Welcome home, Darth!


Darth Vader may not like putting up with delays and loud children, but even someone of his infamous stature can be assured a welcome return from the galaxy. 

13. Airports in Alaska are like no other


We know this photo does the rounds online, but it's still incredibly unusual and serves enough of a warning to make sure I never go to Alaska.

14. Airlines are adopting a more inclusive hiring practice


I don't know about you, but if this cute little mutt was my pilot, I'd be more than happy... until the plane took off.

15. Airport air is never nice


Ladies, you'll relate to this photo of poor Gwyneth trying to keep it all together after coming off a flight! Not even a $1,000 haircut can fix airport hair.

16. When your airport boredom has reached its peak


We're not sure if the security staff was joking around or being deadly serious. Either way, it makes for an unusual spectacle

17. G-force of a different kind


Yes, your eyes aren't being deceived. You just came across a photo of many dwarfs pulling a Boeing jet from one side of the runway to the other. Only in America! 

18. Airports can sometimes be easy on the eye


Airports can involve a lot of waiting around, but when you pass beauties like this beautiful women, it can seem worth the wait.

19. Sophie Turner is certainly a head-turner


Sophie Turner is very much a head-turner. The American model has over 500k Instagram followers, and with looks like hers, we can sure bet that her voluptuous body has made many passing passengers weak at the knees. Who said traveling was tedious?

20. What a dirty mind!


No, it's not what you think it is. Instead of having her bum on full display, this female traveller had the unfortunate pleasure of having her neck cushion dangle to her backside, making it appear as though she was travelling Kim Kardashian style. 

21. Sweden's most beautiful pilot


Maria Pettersson may just be the most beautiful pilot you'll ever see. The Swedish beauty has blown up since her photos went viral online, which is all good news for the Swedish airline which employs her.

22. With sights like these, checking in needn't be so stressful


We're sure those aboard the same flight as the Brazilian beauty Andressa Urach we're more than happy to have waited in line knowing they would be sharing a flight with this unbelievable stunner! 


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