After They Agreed To Adopt A Girl, Something Remarkable Happened

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It's fair to say that Walt and Annie were the epitome of childhood sweethearts. From an early age, they would hang out together in their local community and talk for hours as they ran through fields and played to their heart's content. Their families were also very close, meaning Walt and Annie would also spend time together at their parent's houses, and when they entered the latter stages of their teenage years, Walt and Annie fell in love.

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In a romance that seems like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book, it wasn't long before Annie and Walt tied the knot and got married. However, it was when they entertained the idea of children that they realized, for the first true time, that they were destined to be soul mates. And this was because of a freaky set of coincidences that made news across the county. 

Walt and Annie had many things in common- a significant requirement for a long-lasting marriage- and one dream they always shared was to one day have a daughter.

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The married couple also had a name in mind for their future daughter, but neither could foresee a set of coincidences that would change their lives forever.

Walt claims he first encountered his future daughter when he was only 10-years-old. Longing to be a father from an early age, he dreamed her to have olive skin and dark, brunette hair. Her name was Chloe.

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From that day on, Walt always imagined being reunited with his future daughter, Chloe. Being of a paler complexion and sporting blue eyes, Walt assumed that his daughter would take on his mother's looks, who would likely have to have darker skin for Chloe to look the way she did.

After heading to university, Walt helped Annie settle into her new surroundings and even found a local church group they could be part of just like they were back home.

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Annie revealed that she had always hoped to meet someone like Walt, but as they had grown up together in such a platonic environment, romance never crossed their minds until they started seeing each other after they had left home.

With the romance blossoming, Walt and Annie soon fell in love and travelled for a few years happily in the knowledge that they were young and in love, with their whole lives ahead of them. But after a few years of dating, a hearfelt conversation in a car journey home blew both their minds.

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The conversation concerned their shared dream of one day having a baby girl. Annie, who had always wanted to be a mother and felt that God and put her on Earth to be one, couldn't believe it, as she had always assumed guys didn't think about that stuff when they were young.

Annie then told Walt the name she always had in mind for her daughter: Chloe.

Astounded, Walt immediately remembered his vivid dream as a 10-year-old. For the first time, he told Annie about the dream he had of a little girl named Chloe. It was then that both realized they weren't only in love with each other, but that they were soul mates.

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Unfortunately, after 4 years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive, the couple came to the painful conclusion that they might not be able to have children.

At first, Walt and Annie were skeptical of adoption. After all, they had wanted a child of their own making, but within time, they warmed to the idea and submitted an adoption application. It was then that something magical happened.

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When Annie got an email from the adoption agency informing her and Walt that they had a baby girl for her, she was delighted. After all, it had been 4 long years, and by then, Annie was simply relieved to be a mother, and Walt, a father.

As is the case with some adoption agencies, the birth mother can choose the family she deems most suitable, and after the pregnant woman had selected the couple, Walt and Annie discovered the life-changing coincidence.

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Excited but nervous in equal measure, the married couple wondered if Chloe was even the right name anymore, and wondered if they should choose another name. After trying for so long in the hopes of conceiving a girl named “Chloe”, the thought of calling the child that same name felt odd, and perhaps even wrong given the struggle they had endured.

Though when they met the affable birth mother, they felt instantly at ease. Not only did she make them feel welcome, but she told them that she’d already thought of a name and wanted to know if they were okay with keeping it. The name also happened to be Chloe.

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Walt and Annie couldn't believe what they had just heard. But this was no longer one of Walt's dreams. It was a reality, leading Annie to describe the feeling as one which made her feel as though, "The presence of God was all around us." 

After agreeing to stick to the name, Walt was then astounded to discover that she looked just like the girl in his dreams!

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The incredible story has touched a nerve with people all around the world, regardless of their faith. And even the cynics would agree that Chloe was destined to be Walt and Annie’s daughter. You can find out more about Walt and Annie's amazing story by watching a video they made chronicling their love story and road to adoption by clicking here.

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