A Time Travelling Barack Obama & Joe Biden Cartoon Is In The Works

LOL December 4, 2017 By Vincent
Karen B. Jones/Shutterstock.com

"Moments after the inauguration of the forty-fifth President, Barack Obama and his best friend Joe Biden were escorted to a secret lab, run by a team of the world's greatest scientists and occasionally Elon Musk.

Obama and Biden were asked to take off all of their clothes and hold very still in a fetal position until they felt a painful tingling sensation.

They would awake to find themselves inside of their younger selves. Driven to find each other, and together, change history for the better.

Their only guide on this journey is Neil deGrasse Tyson.

A brilliant scientist from the present who appears in the form of an augmented reality that only they can see and hear.

And so they find themselves leaping throughout their own lifetime.

Looking for the best in people... Striving to right injustice wherever they find it. Forever hoping that their next jump in time will take them to a future that’s not scary and f*cked up. 

A world which they can proudly call… home."


This is the synopsis for a new animated show that is in development by Adam Reid who took to Kickstarter to get his idea funded shortly after the pair left office in November 2016 with the target of raising $100,000 to get it made, something it easily reached as eager fans of the political duo were keen to see their fictionalized adventures. Former President Barack Obama was known to have a great sense of humor and his apparent bromance with his gaffe-prone but ultimately, much loved Vice President Joe Biden became a thing of internet lore with pictures of the two spawning many joke memes featuring funny captions or imagined dialogue between the pair and it seems that this has been a large part of the inspiration behind the show.

It already has some big names attached with Conan O'Brien on board as an executive producer, along with Chris Prynoski and Ben Kalina from animation studio Titmouse, Inc. so does this production have you excited or do you think it's all gone a bit too far? Let us know in the comments below.

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