A New Futurama Episode is Coming But In A Very Different Form

OMG September 11, 2017 By Vincent

Futurama is an animated TV show created by the man behind The Simpsons, Matt Groening, and writer David X Cohen and it reached a cult status as one of the wittiest sci-fi comedies around lampooning sci-fi tropes, modern day America and past events all in one colorful package that was gorgeously animated and had a full orchestra score as well.

First running on Fox between 1999 - 2003, it was canceled by the channel before then being picked up by Comedy Central between 2008 - 2013.Telling the story of Phillip "Fry" Fry, a man from the 20th century transported to the 31st century on the eve of the millennium, it showed his culture shock when interacting with the oddballs and idiosyncrasies of America 1000 years into the future and became a beloved show for many.

After it was initially axed from Fox, it was produced as a series of direct to DVD movies before again being picked up by Comedy Central as a regular series until they dropped it in 2013 but it still remains close to the heart of many fans and still has a strong cult following but they probably won't mean it will be picked up again anytime soon since it was dropped, on both occasions, due to falling viewing figures.

However, it has been announced that the team behind the show are reuniting to make an episode but not for our screens as it will come in the form of a 42-minute radio drama which will debut on Soundcloud and Nerdist on September 14, the episode is titled ‘Radiorama’ and is set to feature characters including Fry, Leela, and Klaxxon.
Co-creator David X. Cohen first hinted at such a project in a Reddit ask me anything session back in July where we posted:

“There are no new TV episodes or movies in the pipeline at the moment,” he said. “HOWEVER, here and now I promise a different avenue of exciting Futurama news later this summer, no kidding.

“Keep your expectations modest and you will be pleased, possibly. I am not allowed to say more or I will be lightly phasered.”

It is perhaps no surprise that it has returned in some form as, after it was scrapped for the second time, Matt Groening said“We would love to continue. We have many more stories to tell. But if we don’t, this is a really great way to go out… I think these episodes are the best ones we’ve ever done.”

With only a few days until the episode is put online, fans will undoubtedly be excited but will it generate much support considering it came from a visual medium which most of its jokes were tailored for and will people really want to listen to a 42-minute version of the show? The novelty factor alone may generate some interest but as to whether more episodes will come our way or if this remains a one off are yet to be seen, or, in this case, heard.

What are your thoughts on a new radio drama episode? Are you excited or would you rather see it on TV again? Have the ideas run dry or do you think they should give it another shot? Let us know in the comments below. 

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