A New Ace Ventura Movie Could Actually Happen

Celebs October 27, 2017 By Hugo

An Ace Venture reboot could actually happen according to Deadline, which has quickly sent my excitement levels through the roof and woken up the inner-child in me that had long been destroyed.

That said, reboots aren't always a good thing, and the nostalgia one has for their favourite films can quickly be ruined by a terrible remake, but according to the American website, it has the potential to be quite good.

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Produced by The Morgan Creek Entertainment Group, the studio behind the original Ace Ventura movies, they are keen to reboot many of their past successes, including Young Guns and Major League, but an Ace Ventura reboot appears to be a top priority.

Speaking to Deadline, the group's CEO said that they intended to push on with plans for a "mainstream theatrical production re-launch" while assuring fans that any new movies would be very much "in the spirit" of the original three.

He then added, "Because it's episodic in nature, about a pet detective, it also lends itself to a traditional single-camera series franchise." The CEO also revealed that Carrey's character's wacky, zoological endeavours could also be continued by a "long-lost son or daughter."

What are your thoughts on a possible Ace Venture reboot? Could it be funnier than the originals? Or could a new addition ruin one of cinema's most iconic, comedic characters?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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