A Metal Gear Solid Movie is Coming & Has The Jurassic World Writer Onboard

Celebs November 10, 2017 By Vincent

A Metal Gear Solid movie has supposedly long been in the works with rumors and snippets of information circulating around every few years only to hit a brick wall and fans of the gaming series had long given up on the idea of seeing a big budget Hollywood movie adaptation but, for the first time, it looks like it might become a reality as the Juarassic World writer is now attached to the project.


The original video game blew the minds of a generation in 1998 with its innovative mix of stealth, action and sci-fi elements and follows the storyline of a soldier known as Solid Snake, who breaks into a nuclear weapons compound to stop a terrorist threat by a rogue special forces unit known as Foxhound. This spawned a franchise of 10 games over a two-decade period that is still going strong and selling well with many die-hard and dedicated fans clinging on to it.

Now the project seems to be falling into place as Sony, who have the rights to both the video game and the film, have a director in Jordan Vogt-Roberts and now a writer in Derek Roberts who has written for such films as Jurassic World and Kong: Skull Island. This seems to suggest that there is real momentum to the project right now although a star hasn't been mentioned in terms of the protagonist and neither has a release date but with things moving forward, fans will be hoping for a decent iteration of the story.


Hollywood has a pretty poor record of producing a film worth watching by adapting a video game, often butchering the source material, but that doesn't mean they haven't made money and this is regularly because an existing fan base is prepared to go out and pay to see how these adaptations shape up.

Whether this project will come to fruition and whether it will finally be able to break Hollywood's video game curse, only time will tell but fans can probably allow themselves to a little bit of excitement right now. What are your thoughts on the project? Let us know in the comments below.

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