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15 Celebrities Whose Obnoxious Behavior Made Humanity Weep

OMG May 16, 2018 By Hugo

Perhaps Good Charlotte's 2002 track, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" personified the obnoxious world of celebrity best. In a catchy chorus, lead singer Benji Madden croons, "They're always complaining, always complaining." And he wasn't wrong. In fact, the whole song was a criticism of obnoxious celebrity behavior, and 16 years after the song's release, self-entitled celebrities still aren't learning to be grateful for what they have.


Just take these stars. You can probably already guess that good-girl-gone-bad Lindsay Lohan makes our list, as does Canada's once squeaky-clean child star, Justin Beiber, but they're not the only ones- other celebrities have done much worse, so much so you'll actually be appalled and wonder why society holds these people in such high regard.

Here are 15 self-entitled celebrities who made humanity weep.  

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