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20 Strange Phobias You Won't Believe Exist

FUN FACTS July 8, 2016 By Hugo

There are many common phobias people have. A fear of the water due to the possibility of being eaten alive by a shark is one. A distaste towards spiders is another. Some people even avoid cute dogs for fear of being bitten.



But barring unfortunate, and in some cases traumatic childhood experiences, most human phobias can't be explained. Just take these rare phobias. So unusual are they that you'll probably have a hard time believing they even exist!

Here are 20 unique examples. 

1. Coulrophobia


Typically found in young children, coulrophobia is the intense fear of clowns. For those that do suffer from the condition or feel they might be prone to it, don't read Stephen King's 'It' anytime soon.

2. Neophobia


For some, attempting to change things up can be a losing battle. After all, routines for many are necessary and allow us to cope with hectic schedules. But for those suffering from neophobia- a phobia often found in the elderly-  being asked to change certain habits or embrace new things can install a significant amount of fear into sufferers.

3. Hylophobia

lazy penguins

Forests can be eerie at the best of times, so it's little wonder some develop a phobia towards wood, forests, and tree. An unpleasant childhood experience is the most likely the cause of this phobia.

4. Decidophobia


Some of us are appalling at decision-making. We often end up saying, "I don't mind," or "I'll think about it," when pressed on our preferences. But then again, there are some who are genuinely terrified of making decisions, who are known medically as decidophobes. 

5. Gephyrophobia


A fear of heights is nothing new, but for sufferers of gephyrophobia, even crossing a bridge is an impossible task. In some places, services are even provided whereby an attendant will drive a sufferer's car over the bridge.

6. Descendophobia


If you're lazy, then you'll probably be no stranger to bracing yourself for the walk upstairs. If you have descendophobia, however, you'll likely find walking down or up a staircase a terrifying experience with a dizzy head being a notable symptom.

7. Trypophobia

lotus pod

Found on various natural organisms, clustered holes, such as the one above, can give you the chills. If so, then you may have trypophobia.

8.  Chronophobia


Often associated with prison inmates and the elderly, chronophobia is the fear of time passing.



Not to be mistaken for the mental health disease, anorexia, phagophobia is the fear of swallowing.

10. Omphalophobia


In one the most bizarre phobias on the list, omphalophobia is the phobia of belly buttons.

11. Panphobia


This life-altering phobia encompasses the fear of everything and often leaves sufferers in a constant state of crippling anxiety at the prospect of experiencing something dreadful.

12. Ablutophobia


Sufferers of ablutophobia have an unusual fear of washing and cleaning oneself. Thank God for deodorant...

13. Somniphobia


Somniphobia is the fear of falling asleep and is found in those who have a want and tendency to always be in control.

14. Philophobia


For some, the prospect of falling in love isn't a feeling they enjoy, and for sufferers of philophobia, the possibility of love and commitment can cause immense distress and worry. Although if Clooney can settle down, you can too Leo...

15.  Heliophobia


You don't have to be a vampire to suffer from a powerful fear of the sun. Heliophobia, for instance, is one such phobia where sufferers- in extreme cases- cannot even be in contact with any forms of natural light, even when indoors.

16.  Haphephobia

list 25 a

Haphephobia is a rare phobia that involves the fear of being touched. It's a devastating phobia to have, and can lead sufferers to corner themselves away from the world, even though many crave the love and attention of others. 

17. Oikophobia

list 25 again

It's a tough gig getting the household chores done on a regular basis, but for those with oikophobia- a fear of domestic appliances- it must be a nightmare.

18. Chaetophobia

fear of own hair

Having a fear of your body hairs- which is what chaetophobia is- wouldn't be a pleasant thing to deal with, especially if you go by the name; The Weeknd. 

19. Ergophobia

 ergo p

For those of a work-shy disposition, suffering from ergophobia is certainly convenient. Of course, psychologists believe such a phobia is the result of a mores serious problem- namely being a culmination of social anxiety, fear of failure and public speaking.

20. Nomophobia


According to British research, an extraordinary 50% people suffer from nomophobia- an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia. First world problems right there...


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