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20 Ridiculous First World Problems That Will Make You Laugh

LOL September 2, 2016 By Hugo

Whether you're living in a Haitian slum or a mansion off Rodeo Drive, you'll still feel the same human emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, bereavement, heartbreak. 

However, while we feel the same things, the lives of those residing in developing countries parallels drastically to those in Western nations. World hunger persists and going to school in many areas of the world still requires large fees that most cannot afford. So whenever Westerners complain, it can sound crass and even disrespectful.

first world problems

With that in mind and to guilt trip every spoiled iPhone lover into changing their ways,  we've come up with 20 first world problems we all complain about.

1. "The tap water doesn't taste very nice here so now I have to go to the supermarket and buy loads of bottles. It will cost me $5....Ugh!"

fiji water

2. "I really need a holiday.... I've only been on three this year."

rich kids


3. "My phone ran out of battery; now I have to get the bus back instead of taking an Uber." 


4. "The guy I like in double math just saw me in the same clothes I wore yesterday." 


5. "They got my order wrong, again! I told them I wanted a hot chocolate with no whipped cream, now I'll have to use a spoon and remove it myself."

sad lol

6. "Why does everything bad happen to me? That's the tenth time this week I've missed my train. I'll have to wait two minutes for the next one now." 

angry train

7. "We've been to that restaurant three times this month. Three times, Jim! Can't you take me somewhere else for a change? I'm sick of their food! The lemon and herb-marinated steaks taste the same and the champagne! Don't get me started on the 1982 bottle!"


8. "All these shoes are starting to get on my nerves. I just wish I had a bigger closet."


9. "Those billionaires are making it harder for us millionaire folk to buy any of the 10-bed mansions. It's a disgrace!"

mark z


10. "I want to change the channel, but the remote is too far away." 

celine lol

11. "This takeout is taking ages. We've been waiting over half an hour!"


12. "The Wi-Fi stopped working again! I wish my life were easier. My life sucks. I hate everyone."



13. "All I wanted was a trip to the Maldives, not a weekend getaway to the Hamptons. I go there every summer!"


14. "I can't believe no one liked my latest Instagram post. I was on a yacht made out of fruit. I just don't understand."

life can be

15. "I hate getting caught in the rain. Now I'm going to have to take a hot shower and change into a pair of warm, fresh clothes." 

I can't beleive

16. "There are way too many items on this menu. I wish you had less, I haven't got all day, you know?"

abc lol

17. "It's Amy, not Aime. If you're going to deface my coffee cup with my name at least get it right!"



18. "This free food is awful!"

meme generator


19. "I want a snack, but I've just brushed my teeth. Ugh, I really wish I hadn't done that."


20. "I can relate to people out there. It's hard. We've all struggled at some time or other."

i relate

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