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15 People Who Got Friendzoned So Badly You'll Wonder If They Ever Dated Again

LOL September 14, 2016 By Hugo

We've all liked someone who appeared perfect then put our feelings on the line only to discover the attraction wasn't mutual. But whatever your dating history is like, spare a thought for these people.  Not only did they get friendzoned to the point of no return, but they also declared their fondness for their admirer via the exposing medium of social media.  



Here are 15 people who got friendzoned so badly you'll wonder if they'll ever date again.  

Give Johnny a chance, Lizz! 

If someone rocks up at your door with flowers and chocolates in hand, it's usually because they have romantic intentions and not because they have friendship on their mind. Perhaps, they have that sort of relationship as friends where traditional romantic gestures don't symbolize that but we're just pointing out the likelihood here.

friend zoned


The fact that Jonny then had to have his friend zoning recognized online as well may have been a bit galling for him.

Just because you're in the friend zone, that doesn't mean you can't try and break free...

Someone is not getting the message here and it may not just be the person trying to leave the friend zone. It could be ignorance of what they want that has led to this confusion  but it could also be willful ignorance in an attempt to let them down easily. Being pushy about a situation isn't going to resolve anything.

friend zone againmega best friends

Perhaps if people were more honest with each other, this sort of thing wouldn't happen.

But waiting there for years-on-end will also make people say stuff like this....

Well, that's just crude and presumptuous. He'd be lucky to remain in the friend zone for that. Just because a woman spends time with you, it doesn't mean she owes you a romantic liaison and this guy just took it too far. Guys, we're joking here about the friend zone but don't use it as some sort of excuse because women won't sleep with you.

some are more

No, it was not worth a try. What would your mother say?

Or act like this

Again, bringing flowers to the door does tend to be romantically associated but perhaps he is just a really good friend, you just never know. 

best friend ever

To be fair, they are not red roses either and so it could just genuinely be a nice gesture, we don't know, in fact, the only person who does for sure is the guy holding the flowers.

We couldn't have said it better ourselves...

In the modern-day world of who's dating who, having anything other than an intimate relationship with someone you find attractive can seem unfathomable.

couldn't have said it better

At least, perhaps that's what this Facebook user thought when they commented on their friend's status after she described falling in love with a 'friendship.' 

That's gotta hurt......

This may well be a contender for the internet's harshest display of putting someone in the infamous friendzone. 


Of course, we're sure Nina didn't mean anything mean by it, she just can't help seeing Matthew as anything other than a friend.

Toby: Standing up for friend zone sufferers around the world

Toby is one of many friendzone victims who, over the years, has grown fed up with the injustices of the dating world. 

telling every friend zoned person

Don't worry, Toby! We're sure Zoey will one day realize that she made a mistake (she probably won't). 

Jeremey has no qualms letting Jillian know of his plight

Jeremy is one guy who has no trouble letting everyone know of his position: one that consists of being in the depths of hell: otherwise known as friendzone. 




Good on you, Jeremy! Honesty is something all girls look for. Well, most....

"Maybe she'll look at these toys and miss me and possibly realize how amazing we'd be together"

No, she won't. She'll think what an amazing FRIEND she has. 

playing the long game

But you never know. If The Cubs can win the World Series after 71 years, anything is possible.

He's staring you right in the face Brittany!

Someone people can never get a hint. Or a sign. Or anything for that matter. It just isn't meant to be, Aaron. 

He's staring you right in the face, Brittany!

But there is one thing you can do: find SOMEONE ELSE.

It's better than nothing.....

Whether this is merely the chivalrous actions of a gentleman or a guy desperate to get one step closer to his love, we can't help but feel sorry for him.


Remain strong, buddy! 

The visual definition of being friend zoned

Now this is a friend you can count on! However, there's a high likelihood he wishes he was on the other side of her.

Pictures paint a thousand words

Hopefully, this guy finds a woman who appreciates him. We could all learn a thing or two from him. 

The look of love and lost hope

Sometimes in life, you have to know when you're fighting a losing battle and accept your role. 


Because of this harsh reality, we suggest you re-invent yourself at College and become a total badass.

Just give up, Scotty!

Scotty doesn't know, ohhhh, Scotty doesn't know ohhhhh


Scotty doesn't know, so don't tell Scotty......

In 99.9% of known friendzone cases, the condition is terminal

We will end this article by making it clear that if one is ever to find themselves in the friendzone, the chances of getting out of it are neigh-on impossible. 

epic lolss

So be a good friend, but find someone else. And yes, you'll probably still have to paint their nails. 

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