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10 of The Worst PK's Ever Taken

LOL September 9, 2016 By Vincent

Any soccer fan will know that Penalty Kicks are a harsh way to end a game. You've battled so hard through ninety minutes and then extra time and now you have the dreaded penalties where it takes just a single moment of calamity, one slight slip up and all that hard work is ruined.



Sometimes, however, these spot kicks are so bad, so downright awful, that you just have to laugh. Here we document six of the worst penalty kicks ever taken.

Peter Devine - Leicester City v Whitley Bay, 1991

The English HFS Northern Premier League Division One Cup final was never going to be a showpiece game of soccer held aloft for eons as a prime example of how the game should be played but no one expected it to have the worst penalty ever.


The fact that Devine stumbles during his run up and then scuffs his foot on the floor so badly that he actually injures himself would be something of a comic masterpiece if it weren't so tragic.

Brian McClair - Arsenal v Manchester United, 1988

The FA Cup is a famous competition across the globe, being the oldest and most highly regarded cup competition in soccer. Having just finished second in the league, Manchester United were having a decent cup run and were trying to push for silverware in order to salvage something of their season. 2-1 down to Arsenal they were offered the chance to even things up and possibly take the match to a replay when McClair, who had already scored, was adjudged to be fouled by Nigel Winterburn.

Stepping up to make himself the hero of the day, he blasted it so clearly high and wide that people wondered if he even thought about where he was going to put the ball and with that, Man United were effectively out of the cup.

Roberto Baggio - Italy v Brazil 1994

Roberto Baggio had dragged a sub-par Italy team through the 1994 World Cup almost single-handedly having set the tournament ablaze with his clutch of 5 goals. He was one of the players of the tournament and the final was set up for him to claim his place in history. A dire 0-0 draw was played out and led on to penalty kicks where Both Brazil and Italy had missed a penalty.

Baggio needed to score to keep his team in it and if you ever wanted it to be someone to do that, he was your man...except when he stepped up, he blasted the ball so far over it didn't even come close to the goal and he cut a desolate figure knowing that history had just passed him by.


Nigel Clough - Arsenal v Nottingham Forest, 1990

Nottingham Forest were chasing rivals Liverpool in a desperate attempt to catch them and make sure they didn't run away with the league. 10 points behind the but with 3 games in hand, they had a slim but distinct possibility to catch them but when the first of those games was against Arsenal, they found themselves 3-0 down and their opportunity at a league title slipping through their fingers.


Nigel Clough was brought down cleanly by Tony Adams in the Arsenal area but the referee decided otherwise and awarded a penalty that might give Forest some hope. Trying to place it to the keeper's right Clough found his shot stopped by John Lukic only for the referee to offer a chance of redemption having adjudged Lukic to have moved too soon. Changing tack, Clough thumped the ball as hard as he could only to see it sail high over the crossbar and him trot forlornly back to his own half knowing he'd just missed 2 penalties.

Jaap Stam - Netherlands v Italy, 2000

The Netherlands were an explosive attacking force in 2000, they had a good run of games to get them through to the semi-finals after destroying Yugoslavia 6-1 in the quarter-final and with Italy getting a defender sent off it should have been easy going but the Italians held on and the game went to penalties.

Jaap Stam approached his kick with such force and vehemence, he blasted the ball so high and wide, it is a surprise it ever came dow again and with it sailed away Netherland's hopes of reaching the final.

Yann Kergormant - Leicester City v Cardiff, 2010

With Leicester and Cardiff both chasing promotion to the Premier League, their Championship playoff semi-final went to penalty kicks and as Yann Kergomant stepped up, he was so supremely confident that he floated the ball down the middle of the goal safe in the knowledge that the keeper would jump to either side and the ball would remain untouched.

Except he didn't and caught it with such ease that Kergormant ended up looking quite the fool.

Robert Pires - Arsenal v Manchester City, 2005

Having already slotted a penalty home, Robert Pires stepped up to take another against Manchester City with supreme confidence and why not? He was a World Cup winner and part of the Arsenal team that had gone a whole season unbeaten and so he thought he'd try a little magic. His team-mate and fellow World Cup winner and Invincible team member Thierry Henry had told him of a magnificent penalty taken by Johan Cruyff in 1982 where had rolled the ball to an onrushing teammate before having it passed back to score.


Trying to emulate this, Pires mis-hit the ball only for Henry to rush past and it to be simply kicked away by the Man City defense. His blushes were saved by the fact Arsenal still went on to win the game.

Amir Sayoud - Al Ahly v Kima Aswan, 2011

An Egyptian cup game saw Algerian midfielder Air Sayoud awarded a penalty where he attempted to psyche out the keeper by feinting his shot. Unfortunately, as his run stuttered, he slipped just before he connected with the ball and ended up falling flat on his face.

What was worse was that he was booked for his feinted kick as this is considered unsporting, you are only allowed to feint during your run up and not once it has been completed.

David Beckham - England v Turkey, 2004

One of the most recognized and highly talented footballers of a generation, when awarded a penalty against Turkey in a Euro Cup qualifying game, few would have bet against Beckham putting it away and putting England 1-0 up.

But, as he angled his run to strike the ball, the England captain slipped and sliced the ball past the post to the dismay of England fans everywhere.

Alessandro Del Piero - Juventus,2009

The pre-season tournament that is known as the Peace Cup, is hardly a major piece of silverware and not really recognized by many other than anything but a warm-up competition before the proper soccer starts. In any case, it would still be nice to have in the trophy cabinet if you got the chance and Juventus did in 2009 when they went to penalties with Aston Villa.


Italian legend Alessandro Del Pierro stepped up to take Juventus' last penalty only to take a stuttering run up before lamely tapping it towards the keeper's legs.

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