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10 Rare Pokemon Products That Could Net You A Small Fortune

FUN FACTS August 30, 2016 By Vincent

For the ever vigilant millennial, they'll be aware that their childhood favorite fandom of Pokemon is now back and with aplomb and some may have even been cunning enough to dig out some of their toys from the attic or basement in order to capitalize on the sudden interest the fictional little creatures are once again generating.



Here are 10 finds that could seriously give you a cash injection should you have one of them hidden away.

First-Generation Holographic Charizard Card

Many of the Pokemon cards from the trading card game, have soared in value over time depending on the condition they are kept in. One of these is the powerful Charizard foil that everyone was desperate to get their hands on at the time.

$_3 (1)


Should you have a first generation version of one of these bad boys then you could be looking at a tidy sum of around $650 (£500) or higher. 

Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Edition

Various Pokemon branded products have been released down the years and many are fairly common but if you managed to get your hands on one of these then you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

$_3 (2)


This particular console sold out within 3 days of its release with only a limited number being made and should you have managed to resist breaking the seal on the box and kept it all wrapped up, you could get around $525 (£400) for it.

Pokémon Centre Pikachu 28-Inch Plush

Released in the Japan-only chain of Pokemon Center stores, this highly sort after plush can be highly lucrative and has become a bit of a collector's item due to its impressive stature. If you do have one of these cuddly things from 2014, you could maybe get around $340 (£260) for it.

$_3 (3)


With Pikachu still being the icon of the brand, this could well only increase in value if kept in good condition.

Pikachu Illustrator Cards

It seems highly unlikely that you ever got your hands on one of these since only 6 were ever made but should you see one up for sale it could, quite easily, generate the asking price of around  $50,000 (£37,657) with one going for a whopping $100,000 (£75,314) in 2014.

$_3 (4)


A promotional card handed out to employees of the Pokemon company, only a couple have been sold into circulation.

TOMY Electrode Toy

There is an almost endless supply of Pokemon toys still on the market and the toy maker TOMY still has the license to make them as they have had since the mid-90s but, the Electrode toy was made in such small number because of its simplistic design making it one of the least popular characters.

$_3 (5)


Should you have one, even a damaged one could earn you around $130 (£100) whilst one in good condition could double or even triple its price.

Pokemon Crystal for Nintendo Gameboy Color

None of the Pokemon gameboy games were particularly rare but Pokemon crystal was so immensely popular that people are desperate to reclaim a bit of the nostalgia.

$_3 (6)


The Gold and Silver games can fetch up $130 (£100) if in good condition but a near mint crystal can get you closer to $1300 (£1000) if in its original packaging.

2009 Pokémon Centre Shiny Gyarados 28-Inch Plush

Due to only being released in limited numbers through the Japan-only Pokestop stores, its value increased dramatically and can now get you around $392 (£300) from the discerning collector.

$_3 (7)


However, like the Pikachu plush, this Gyarados in its shiny form is highly prized for its sheer scale at 28 inches long and 5 inches high

2010 Pokémon Centre Legendary Beasts Plush Set

These super rare plushes were only made as one of 250 each and could not be bought but rather won via a raffle. As such, each one can fetch up to $262 (£200) and a whole set can garner around $1964 (£1500).

$_3 (8)


However, because of the nature you had to acquire them in the first place, very few 'full' sets exist and you may have trouble finding them as a trio.

Misprinted Charmeleon Card

Speculation would suggest that only one of these misprinted cards made it into circulation and thus it is rarer than the Pikachu illustrator card. At the time, it was put up for sale the owner was asking for $100,000 (£57,661), for the item which would make it one of the most valuable items of Pokemon merchandise in existence.

$_3 (10)


However, it did not sell at the time but could have better luck in the future...maybe.

Pokemon Pokedex Deluxe

In 2001, Tiger Electronics released its second redesign of the original  Pokemon Pokedex that featured 100 more Pokemon than previous editions and could categorize each one. However, it is so rare to find a packaged one that it could fetch you up to $100,000 (£76,351).



Be careful, though, as other Pokedex models were made that are nowhere near as valuable as this one is.​

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